Reflecting On BLC 17

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In another two days this current round of the Biggest Loser Challenge, fondly referred to as BLC17 by its members, will come to a close! Its hard to believe that it has been 12 weeks since we started this round! Time sure does fly! Anyways, as was expected, part of this week’s challenge - the final one in the series of 12 weekly challenges geared to help us focus on and striving towards our goals - directs us to reflect on how we fared through the span of the challenge.

Well, on September 7th I started the challenge weighing 215 pounds and the intent to lose 18 pounds over the course of the twelve weeks. However, within a couple hours of the start of the challenge members of my team, the Navy Ninjas issued a mini challenge challenging us Ninjas to strive for a 20 pound loss over the course of the challenge. This, for me, was the start of an amazing experience of being a part of a team that epitomizes motivation! From the get go, I was motivated to pull up my socks and go after my goals. That I did and today I am happy to say that as of the last weigh in (Nov 23 inst) I am down 18.75 pounds … .75 pound more than my original intent and 1.25 pounds away from the challenge goal issued by the Navy Ninjas. With only two days to go ‘til the end of the challenge, I am confident that I will make that goal.

In addition to the needle on the scale moving left, there are other non scale victories that I can attribute to being a participant in this challenge. Some of these non scale victories include maintaining consistency and accountability in working on my goals leading towards a healthier lifestyle. This, in turn, has led to other non scale victories such as improvement in my blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, improved stamina, growth in self confidence and reduced clothing sizes.

All these victories have made my resolve to achieve my goals even stronger. In closing, I must say that keeping up with the challenges these twelve weeks was not smooth sailing all the way through, but these little bumps along the way made the reward of achieving these victories even sweeter! All in all this was a very successful challenge for me but as is the case with everything else, there is always room for improvement/changes. With this thought in mind, I look forward to BLC18! BRING IT ON!!!

That which we persist in doing becomes easier - not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased." Ralph Waldo Emerson

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