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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'll do really well eating but work out only once or twice a week or maybe not at all. Then I'll do well sticking to my work out schedule and my eating will not be near as good - too many calories, too many carbs, sugar. In the past, I've lost weight just changing my eating, then I've lost weight just exercising. However, I've gained it back of course each time. Is there a secret to putting it all together? I have noticed by making changes more slowly I may be making some progress... Am I on to something here or just putting my hope in another futile approach to lose the weight? I'd love to hear what you think, your experience and advice.

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    My opinion: I think the core issue is the food we eat. Exercise is healthy of course, & burns calories, but if we want to weigh a certain number and MAINTAIN IT , then THE WAY we eat has to change.....permanently.
    And by this I mean, deep-sixing the higher-fat food and replacing it with better choices. I'm experimenting with cooking new-to-me veges, grains etc. to change things up. I avoid sweets in general, although I love them.
    The pace the weight comes off can be agonizingly SLOW, but we have to hang in there and fight the good fight.

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    2834 days ago

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    Being patient and going slowly really is the best strategy. When I started out on Sparkpeople three years ago, I committed to myself to do 10 minutes of exercise as day. It really is hard to tell yourself that you can't find 10 minutes to do something. Usually, once I got going, I did more. But even when I only did 10, I established the habit. Once you have a "streak" going of 30 or 40 days in a row, you don't want to break it. At least, I didn't.

    The other big secret is to find something active that you enjoy. So that you aren't doing it just "because."
    2834 days ago
    I say TAKE IT SLOW!!! Making small changes over time seems to work best because there is no way you can get overwhelmed early in the game and give up!!
    Really - baby steps will get you to the same place as giant leaps as long as you are going in the right direction!!
    Good Luck and NEVER give up!
    2888 days ago
    I've been working on the mental part of accepting that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet. So yesterday, I accepted that I was going to eat McDonalds for lunch. I did my best to plan for it, and got a happy meal instead of my normal quarter pounder with cheese meal. AND, I am trying to embrace the idea that any exercise is better than no exercise. So yesterday I got up from my desk and decided to go take a 10 minute walk. Turns out it was beautiful outside and my body was feeling really stiff. I was walking in high heels and I didn't break a sweat, BUT it's 10 minutes of walking instead of sitting at my desk. Three weeks ago I would have said that wasn't exercise- I didn't even sweat. My heart rate couldn't have gotten that high. Now, I realize that every little step matters. That is how I am managing to incorporate both the eating well and exercising in my life. I appreciate every small change that I make. Maybe in three more weeks I will be actively pursuing a "real workout", but I'm not discounting what I'm doing now because its better than what I was doing before.

    So yes, I think you are on to something. And that something is little changes and little positive decisions will all add up to good health and weight. You didn't decide to gorge yourself, become a couch potato and gain weight. It happened a little at a time as you made each little decision about what to eat and what to do with your time. I do believe that the weight comes off (for good) the same way - a little at a time with each positive step in the right direction.

    Oh yeah- my pat on the back to myself is that last night I found myself with an hour before the TV show I wanted to watch came on. Instead of finding mindless TV to watch until then, I broke out the Wii Fit and played. I only burned 122 calories, but it all adds up right? And I was proud of myself for being productive while I "killed time".
    2889 days ago
  • MCMIKE0104
    For me it is about a life change. I now realize that just because I exercised today, I do not get to "reward" myself with food. I now keep both in balance, knowing that in order to optimize my results, I need to have both nutrition and exercise in my life. Food for me has become a source of energy and no longer the reward. The reward comes from my prolonged life with those that I love.
    2889 days ago
    slow goes it and it does work don't get down
    2889 days ago
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