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Monday, November 21, 2011

today i am a bit saddened,disapointed or maybe let down with spark or how/what sparkpeople seems to be becoming.don´t get me wrong i love spark i love what it is about and what it is trying to do.i also know that sometimes it is not easy for them.today i read a blog by my spark friend BOOKWORM27S.in her blog she is talking about stopping to write blogs and give out her reciepes etc as someone has complained about her reciepes blog.she recieved an email from spark people because of it.i just think it is such a shame that people who has a problem can´t go to the person them selves and say something instead of going straight to spark people.also i thought this site was all about self help,helping others,supporting others etc,etc or maybe i am seeing that wrong it is just lately their seems to be alot of back biting complaining etc.i have seen receantly many such blogs from people who have had emails from spark as other people have reported them etc.yoovie is a classic example which i am sure you can remember also what i have noticed that the complaint seems to be mostly against people who have lots of followers etc so it makes you wonder what the real reason is behind their complaints.it is just this is the fourth of my spark friends that has said they have had such an email.i know spark people have to follow up complaints etc but it saddens me that there are people on this site that instead of supporting one another is doing their best to bring people down.i hope that bookworm27s doesn´t stop writing here blogs as she does much good with her blogs more than she knows.to the person or people who keeps making the complaints they should concider why they are on this site and look at how much they get help from other sparkers who are here to encourage them and support them.at least that is what i am here for to give and get encouragement and support.
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    We use to be SP friends in the past...I just found you again. I had to cancel my old SP and create a new one because someone was leaving very rude comments on my page. It was scary...If I talked about having trouble staying on track or not eating a certain food, this person would tell me to buck up, stop complains and just do it, i was a loser and so on. It was real strange. So I think you can run into weird people on-line, just like in the real world. It's just easier here because they can hide who they really are. Hope all is well with your children!
    2387 days ago
    Hope you are having a brighter day Karen! emoticon emoticon
    2400 days ago
  • MUSIC66
    2401 days ago
    There will always be someone somewhere who doesn't like what you say or do,so just be true to yourself. Be.. ...Everhopeful.
    2401 days ago
    2402 days ago
    I've been keeping track of Bookworm and Yoovie's situations and I think the problem is that other people are jealous of their popularity. I don't understand why people keep reading blogs that "offend" them somehow, much less comment on them or report them.

    It's sad but we have to deal with the fact that not everyone on here is as supportive as we'd like. Thank goodness the majority of people on Spark are wonderful!

    2402 days ago
    Karen - you never know what happened, but "Bookworm27S" can keep posting the links to her wonderful recipes and blog a personal review about them....I'm sure everyone who follows her would still love to hear her opinion on the item.

    Don't get discouraged....they just need to cover their bums on the copyright laws. Spark does a lot of good!
    emoticon emoticon

    Hugs, Brenda
    2402 days ago
    We can never know what will offend someone, and in today's politically correct atmosphere everyone is hopping around trying not to offend. There was a time when if you read something that offended you in some way, you just stopped reading. Now some people "complain" and if something isn't "done", they start suing. Because this is your blog and not mine, I won't get on that soap box. LOL I also want to point out that Dee could be right, someone from outside our Spark Family may have requested that the blog be removed.
    2402 days ago
    Agree!!!!! It's cost of having popular blog!! I have been trying to under radar!!!!

    2402 days ago
    Hi-your name says it all & keep being ever hopeful...don't let someone else ruin your day--there are plenty of us who are "ever hopeful" too...that's why we spark so go ahead & have a great day 7 a wonderful thanksgiving emoticon
    2402 days ago
    I so agree my friend ..
    I think Sparkpeople themselves have a very hard job too ..Especially when there are complaints.
    What may be offensive to one, may not be to another and there is a very tight line that they have to sort out!
    Have a wonderful day my lovely friend ..
    Love and Hugs emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2402 days ago
    2403 days ago
    It may not have been a Sparker who complained. It's possible that the original source of the recipe or article asked that it be removed.

    Just thought I'd add another point of view. I'm sorry that your friend was upset.

    2403 days ago
    I understand, Karen. Unfortunately, SP can't do a check on everyone that joins to see if they are going to be a team player. We just have to let some of the stuff roll of our backs. We get what we need from SP - and obviously, the people that do that are not getting anything positive out of it!

    2403 days ago
    I appreciate all my Spark friends support. By all the responses I have received from my Spark friends has made me realize just how much my blogs help and encourage others. I have revamped my blogging, and will continue to post.
    emoticon emoticon
    2403 days ago
    Well said Karen.
    The only reason for not going directly to the person involved first is if they are abusive, BUT not the case here with your friend.
    We are all here to help each other and give and get encouragement and also learn new ways and also I pick up great tips on books to get that help etc from friends blogs. I would hate that to stop
    sue emoticon
    2403 days ago
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