Run Geelong 6k ( LOTS OF PICS !!! )

Monday, November 21, 2011

Well.... the day was PERFECTION ! The previous day had been REALLY bad with rain and thunder storms...so I was relieved not to have to run/walk in that !!

My sister came at about 7.30am and we took some pics in the driveway before we left....
Im the red ninja
We are a little crazy...but we know how to have fun ! We also had our bubbly wands instead of ninja swords....

So off we went..it only took about 15 minutes to get to the start area. It was at a place here called Skilled Stadium (or Kadinia Park as we call it) and its where our local Football team practice. Now I have to say... Geelong Cats were Premiers this year.... of ALL the teams in Australia ! We've won it 3 times in the last 4 years...so they are a HUGE team over in Australia ! Anyway... I digress ...
The 12 k runners had left by the time we got there and started to line up.
11'000 people competed....thats right .... ELEVEN THOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUSAND !!!!!
This run also raised approx $45'000 for our local Geelong Hospital... so thats why there were so many entrants...it was for a worthy cause....
Heres some pics of while we were waiting......

Heres the outside of Skilled... you can see the large 'Cats Claws' on the outside of the building.

Then the 6 k runners left.... we had opted to do the 6 k walk...but... you could run if you wanted too.
About 15 minutes later.... we were OFF !!!

It was SOOOOOO AWESOME to be with all those people.... there were HEAPS of little kids with their parents...and they seemed to like the bubble ninjas :) As we walked, we made bubbles and the kids loved it... we were like the pied pipers with all the little kids following us !
We did the odd 'Ninja run' through the crowd.... but that was ok... we were Ninjas... people couldnt see us !!! LOL. We darted in and out... making bubbles as we went.
There were quite a few hilly areas as that is how Geelong is...so even tho we were walking with the odd run... I got quite puffed. I guess laughing the whole way didnt help either !!!
(We are a little nutty just quietly)... hehe. Hey... but if you cant have fun...what hope have you got !
(It certainly helped that I was wearing a mask.... )
So... after laughing.... dancing.... jogging... and bubbling ... for quite a while...we were near the end and this meant walking the hallowed ground of Skilled Stadium. Thousands walked around the perimeter... it was weirdly quiet...so I just had to let out a loud

Being a Ninja and all.... I just couldnt help it ! :D
Then....the finish was in sight ....

Walking in the Stadium...

The finish up ahead....

WE DID IT !!!!!!!
We were so happy and proud to finish... *phew*
Afterwards...there were some presentations for best costumes...and even tho were were nominated...we didnt win... (bummer) 4 guys in Teletubby costumes won

On stage !

We grabbed a free water and some fruit and also our complimentary race bag.... and hobbled off to the car !
We had SUCH a great time. I was SOOO tired...I had a nanna nap in the afternoon. Today Im feeling a bit sore in the feet and ankles....even my stomach is hurting !!! But I think thats from the laughing....HAHA.
My final time for the 6 k was 1:03:25. WOOO HOOO !!!!!!!
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