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let your weakness become your greatest strengths

Sunday, November 20, 2011

With meditation, reflection and reading material I am uncovering the very things that creep up from the past and stall my growth, my achievements and the many hings that I know I am capable of achieving, so I am taking a few of my past (eventually all) experiences and finding what strength's that each one has given me, I hope you (if you feel you need too) will do this as well, it digs into you and makes you see just how wonderful you are and what you are capable of without realizing it, and the best part, YOU have been doing it all along!

I am short- .... this means that I have a better view of the flowers, butterflies, the beautiful green grass.. plus at stores, pricey items are at eye level so I dont have to be tempted by them lol( 5 ft)

At the age of 4 I was hit by a drunk driver crossing the street to go to church ( remember looking up and seeing the headlights-.... I learned at an early age that you can bounce back.

When I was in preschool I was sliding in my new shoes and slipped and hit my head on a very big ceramic water fountain causing a concussion-... learned that you lose your lunch when you have a concussion which is a distinguishing difference between a bump and a trauma ( has helped establish a reference point , heads are bumping alot where I work,lol)

When I was 8 my cousins and I were playing in the backyard and as I was climbing hill I severed my main artery in my left wrist-... I learned that my aunt knew how to deal with emergencies as such and saved me from losing an excess amount of blood, which (70's) blood given in transfusions, some were contaminated with HIV. and with the amount that was gushing out fast action keep me from losing too much and they stitched me up and all was good.

While playing games at school, baseball, tetherball, softball, I was always picked last-... now I am more aware of others and how they feel in situations , intended or not, and make it a point to make everyone feel included and important,

Walking down my street (rough neighborhood) being called names and ( from time to time) had things thrown at me-... has made me aware of what I say to others , realizing that words can pierce deeper than any bullet and can cause resentment, pain and low self esteem . perhaps an entire life time.

ridicule at school, being left alone at lunch... has taught me that no matter what circumstances I can return and keep going, it has also helped me to notice others who have been left out so I always make an effort to talk to them and sit with them during work lunch if I can.

going hungry- ... learned that a person can live on what they can get off of a tree ( apples, just lucky to live by apple tress when we moved) .

Living (childhood) in a house with broken windows, no hot water, a roof that leaked, no food ( got free cheese from gov, LOVED THAT CHEESE) I have learned that you can never judge someone because you never know what circumstances they are in, plus you can really become creative trying to make things comfortable.

After a accident in which a car hit me hard enough to throw me over the vehicle and land behind it, I learned that I am capable to learn how to walk again- your bones are really tough, lol.

My mom went behind me when I was younger telling my employers that I was incapable and could not follow rules etc, ( that slipped out from my boss during a conversation) making all of my jobs at nightmare (of course that helped me understand why I was fired from a few places) ..... I have learned that regardless of what anyone may think, actions and capabilities, eventually speak louder than words.

Jumping ahead about 20 yrs ( I am only 40,lol) at work I tore my rotators cuff and( separate times) a drill bit tore ligaments in my hand both happened on my right side and I am a righty-... I have learned that I can adjust and adapt (work would not work with my restrictions) to just about anything an I am now 100 % percent capable of writing and working (with work its half and half lol) left handed.

I have learned and am learning that appearance does not reflect effort or show you no more than an outer shell, I personally can workout for an hour in the gym, tread, elliptical, etc, then do an hour hi impact aerobics class and eat well and still look like this ugh!, I adjust eating to match workouts so I dont deprive muscles etc.

From early stages inlife we find ways to deal with whatever life gives us and we are capable of more than just surviving , we can live our lives with passion, love, we can be more than we are often lead to believe, just take a look at your life and see just how strong and capable you really are!.
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