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Friday, November 18, 2011

I slept in until 6:30 like I wanted to - it's one of my goals- but I still didn't want to get out of bed. I have become such a sloth. LOL.

The blasting continues as it is shot gun season today and all weekend. I didn't see a deer today but didn't see much else either. Men have a way of "clear cutting" the environment. LOL. At this time of year I realize that I am guilty of a lot of male bashing. If you are an enlightened male then ignore this. If you are a meathead then prepare to duck. Most men are only good for one thing - if you find out what it is let me know. LOL.

Hubby set me up in the pole barn this morning at 7:15 and my son and I did 6 loads of laundry.

Plus we cleaned the 6 pet cages. Reek drove me bonkers when I cleaned his cage. He was wrapped around me like a boa constrictor. Wanted to play kissy face and get huggers. Sit on my shoulder. Crawl down my shirt. Sit on my lap. He is so cute but good grief!!

We vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom.

I took a call from the paralegal and gathered some info for her. Got more good estate news today. May not have to have a probate at all.

Hubby went through more papers tonight and I am still helping him to understand accounting practices. It something I never really wanted to understand. Accounting is on a list of jobs I never wanted to do. We should do that sometime - list the jobs we really don't ever want to do. My #1 hated job would be: septic tank cleaner. Can it get much worse than this. My hubby wants to dicker with these people and I'm always like- just pay them whatever they want. I can't imagine wanting to dicker with someone who is willing to get rid of other people's.................... yeh. I don't want to shake their hand either. Just stick the check outside with a grabber. LOL.

It's bedtime for me!
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    Hey if you can get paid a lot for not doing much, more power to them. I guess its like call girls. Not that I am comparing lol But they can work like 10 hrs a week and be wealthy. A high paid one anyway. Someones gotta do it until they find a love of their life. That goes for both jobs! lol
    3184 days ago
    No no no Nanette …. Not s8it diggers…. “Sanitary inspectors” if you please….
    Highly paid… might add… kinda job that goes with laying out dead people…Ug ug triple ug.
    Now what is good about men??…. Must be the roses DH bought home yesterday I am feeling rather fuzzy towards the species.... cor blimey girl not from DH.. he is the deliver of them… from one of the BC (before conception) mob… then there’s the fact that DH liked the cake I made & kindly eats it to save me the cals… mmmm what else…??? Oh yeah… all the running around I do burning cals… housework up to my ears… garden to contend with …wouldn’t have that if all my merry men disappeared…whatever would I do with myself??
    Just give me time.. I am sure there was something else they were good for..kinda escapes me tho…at the mo..
    Didn’t I hear you say… (must have been read but that is besides the point).. that you were taking up “pot banging” music? Get out in the bush & drown out the guns…
    Cant say you’ll win Miss Popularity but who cares eh??
    Fuzzy & fury is better than macho & hairy?
    3184 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    I always wanted to be an accountant...loved math and numbers. Too bad I didn't follow through with it.

    Male bashing...yeah, they deserve it!
    3185 days ago
    Hope it all works.
    3185 days ago
    Love you and your cheery blogs Morticia. I can just see
    Reeks climbing into your shirt emoticon He is cute
    though, isn't he? As for the male bashing, well that's a
    whole new story. I was at my nephew's engagement party
    last night and DS wanted to go home after an hour, so missed
    out on my Greek dancing. Had to go home with him because
    the place was in the middle of whoop whoop and would not
    have been able to get home otherwise. emoticon

    I am so happy to hear that MIL's estate is now moving along
    and your hubby will be able to thank you for the accounting
    lessons. Anyway, have a great weekend. emoticon
    3185 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3185 days ago
    My take on guy bashing - the deserve it.
    Just this morning, I walking to my car and a 20-something person with a penis backed out almost hitting me (he was on his cell phone with a dirt bike in the bed of his truck and never once gave a glance over his shoulder before putting his monster truck in reverse). I actually had to slap the side of his truck with my hand to get him to stop...and then he flips me the bird! Well, I flipped him right back & yelled that he should hang up the phone & learn to drive. DH (who deserves a bashing himself, occasionally) said that I should have let him hit me and we could have sued him & retired, but, I am pretty sure that the only thing he had insurance on was his dirt bag ...oh, I mean dirt bike! LOL

    So, yep, bash away, gf!
    3185 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/19/2011 1:19:16 PM
    Yes you can be a guy basher, but you make it so very entertaining. I cannot imagine having creatures crawling all over me again. I must have outgrown that. I had a grass snake as a pet when I was a kid, thought nothing about finding spiders to feed it,
    By the time the boys went to Nature camp they were afraid to touch a live snake they had there. I went over to the counselor and asked her to give it to me. As it was put in my hand I felt totally terrified but there was no going back. Our sons came over to pet it, stroke it whatever and after they were all comfortable with it I handed it back with a feeling of utter relief.
    We had no venomous snakes in England and I never feared them but here I always react in fear of them. Maybe that is why I live in Maine, every where else I am fearful in the woods.
    M you are a great comedian some days. Hugs I love you for it, Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon
    3185 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    I am with you on paying the man who cleans out the septic. He definitely earns his monies.

    Have a GREAT weekend.

    3185 days ago
    Hate to say it, but years ago one of my sisters threw a feminine item in the commode and of course we had septic so I guess I don't have to tell you what happened. Yep, dad rigged a tripod up out side after digging the yard up along with mom, myself, & 3 sisters helping, and ran a snake line through to unclog everything. Mind you this was in the dead of winter with snow & ice on the ground. (Yes, he got it unclogged & probably saved a bunch of money & it took awhile for the grass to grow back in the spring.)

    As for accounting, it's all I can do to add much less subtract! So I am never without my trusty calculator.

    Anyway, which of the lesser necessary 2 evils would I choose? Neither! LOL! I'd much rather proofread and edit than to do those two! I am sure my day will come. Until then, emoticon I am going to enjoy my life! emoticon emoticon
    3185 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/19/2011 7:54:51 AM
    OMG, M!!! You are one of the few who can make me laugh in the morning!!!!! Actually, you may be the only one!!!! Love you!
    3185 days ago
    oh my wanna hear about the time i couldn't afford to have the sewer line dug out (another 15,000 to the alley where it connected ) and there were several breaks in the piping as it was terra cotta and over a hundred years old and didn't withstand the earthquake..holy moly i had to dig the entire line from the house to the alley shovel and towel in some places around what was left of the old line ..took me a mmonth because i couldn't find any 'friends' available
    holy moly sewer stuff is on my list for sure my friend!!!
    3185 days ago
  • -LINDA_S
    Accounting wouldn't be my thing, either. Glad things are going better with the estate. I'm horsesitting some along with the new boarder and wrangling the kitties while everyone else is off on a cruise. Grrrr....
    3185 days ago
    3185 days ago
    I'm good at math but don't enjoy it, so I appreciate the challenges you're facing.

    The cats have been extra-super-cuddley with The Hubster lately. Apparently showering does not garner favor. At least I get stuff done while he is held down by 7-15 lbs (depending on who) of pure 'cattitude.'

    Have a terrific weekend!
    3185 days ago
    Had to laugh - I'm an accountant by training - working as a financial consultant these days for a software company that does some very cool things keeping books for....wait for it....the legal industry. Ok, the irony is not lost on me.
    You had another of your superproductive days!
    3185 days ago
    What a busy day for you but I know you got it all accomplished. AWESOME!!! Good news on the probate. Yep, I also would not dicker with the guys cleaning out the septic tank.
    Have a great weekend and find some time to rest and relax. You deserve it!
    emoticon emoticon
    3185 days ago
    LOL, just had the septic tank pumped out here in Fla. I can laugh with you on this item. emoticon
    3185 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Hi Tish !! .
    What a lovely loving little man Reekie is,I would just love cuddles with him!! .
    Glad you got so much done and great you seem to be making head way with the estate.
    I am of the same opinion as you I am afraid, about men!!. they dither to much !!.
    Hope your deer survive the carnage!

    Get some rest my friend !!
    hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3185 days ago
    I thought I did not ever want to pursue accounting either...til I saw the pay possibilities for me this year. Now I'm scratching my head about it. LOL.
    3185 days ago
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