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strategy for emotional eating

Thursday, November 17, 2011

know the spelling is wrong,lol and this blog is an accidental blog but thought it might be worth a blog.i was replying to one of my sparkfriends blog(you know who you are)and this is part of the answer i wrote to her blog.as i was rereading before posting i thought karen you should listen and do what you just adviced someone else to do next time when you feel like emotional eating(why is it easy to give advice than to follow it?lol) so here is my advice to her copy and pasted for you.hope it helps even one of you next time.

.now the biggy.EMOTIONAL EATING.i do it all the time so am a fine one to talk but ask yourself this.what would i achieve if i emotionally eat?would i feel better or worse after i did it?would it change the situation of my daughter needing an op if i emotionally eat?after asking and answering this question ask yourself now.after all theese questions do i still want to emotionally eat?if the answer is yes then go ahead but do it mindfully.savour every bit,eat it slowly so you can savour it and after each bite ask yourself do you still need to eat.take a deep breath between eat bite to help you calm and sooth yourself down.before each bite ask yourself do i still need this chocolate,cake,icecream etc or would something else do the job as well,i.e some nuts,choped fruit or veg.a full corn sandwhich.remember whatever you decide ,whatever you eat it was your choice and your choice alone.stand up to it,enjoy it.then put it behind you and carry on.you can do this and you are worth this.

thans for dropping by and readinmg my blogs now i am going to start taking my own advice,lol.

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