Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saying someone stole my dog may seem a bit presumptuous but not with my dog. My beautiful madame. First let me tell you why I know that she was stole (or that someone has her) I have had her and her since she was a puppy in 1999 13 years come next August 12. i also owned her mother. i trained her without the help of trainers ( i used the internet of course). I have had her for ten years and for most of that time been her sole owner and care giver. Leash laws are really enforced here in my area of texas so I always have her on a leash but I could walk or jog and she would be right on my heels. Even if she went away for a minute to sniff she was never out of my view( I am leagally blind so my view is small. I have two children and my fiance living with me and them and all my close family and friends say the dog is mine she barely responds to other people. No one else especially a stranger can even call her away from me even if they have food. On two occasions she has saved my life.

Many dog owners know that most smart dogs can find their way home. Madame hasn't not answered my call since she was probably 1 or 2 years old. Even then she came back home. the next morning barking and scratching at the door so this is so far from her character. I know many dogs run away but those are backyard dogs who don't really bond with people. But my dog was a house dog and on top of that a rather lazy dog even at the dog park she chilled out at my feet so or walked slowly beside me never really the active type of dog. Madame is border collie highly regarded as one of the if not the smartest dog breed. She could let herself out on the patio to do her business and back in, she could lock the doors ( it took her a while) When we went on walks she knew not to get in the street. She was not aggressive but not friendly either. She wasn't the type of dog to run up to strangers jumping and sniffing even if they had food. That is one thing that makes me thing someone took her.

Now let me explain what happened. Now as smart as Madame is and as well behaved as she is 99% of the time she wasn't totally flawless. As she is a dog. She had a thing for cats as most dogs( that I have seen). I work from 5am to 1pm she is strictly trained to our walk schedule and to deviate would undoubtedly cause and accident in my house if I ignored her instance to go outside. So rain or shine, snowy or sunny I take her for a walk at about 330-4am before I go to work. At 345 like clockwork madame started whining to go outside for her morning walk. I obliged. It must have rained through the night because it was wet and puddles were on the ground, At 4am you can probably imagine that no one else is out walking their dog so is pretty quite a relaxing walk. So (my mistake) I am holding on to the leash but not wrapped around my hand or very tightly just leisurly looped on my arm hands in pockets because is cold. Out of no where, seemingly to me cause is dark and I can't really see well she starts chasing this cat. I trip the leash falls out off my arm and she is gone. My house key and ID which I carry with me at all times fell in to the same puddle i did so I dig around and find them I get up asses my injuries and no more than two minutes later I am chasing after her calling her name but she is no where to be found I walk around the apartment complex calling and calling for about 30 mins but i had to go to work. I paid the dog sitter to come to my house and await her return because I was paying the dog sitter i left work got home around 1130am nd as a great shock she still wasn't there. I spent the afternoon calling all the local shelters and making a lost dog sign. I went to work at my second job and got home around 7 unable to work with my dog missing. As soon as I got home I posted more lost dog signs and looked further out of my apartment complex calling and calling is about 9pm now still no response. I am so worried. I can hardly stop crying Shaka and Jada and my friends are saying she will come back she always does but I don't know.
I am remembering now as I write(another good reason to blog) that she was acting very strangely the last two days and nights. I mean usually when i get home at 1pm I am unwind a little then just chill and read cook that sort of think until 7 (when the kids come home) is just madame and me. And usually she lays on her dog bed and sleeps snoring and dreaming her little dog dreams. Really hardly moving and only bothering to follow me if I am in another room more than five minutes. The last two days she hardly slept at all and was curled around me kind of like she does when is raining but she wasn't shaking. Hiding at my feet under the computer desk. Even though she knows better she came into the kitchen!!!!!! she jumped on the furniture. Both things are something she dose not do even if invited. I don't really know the words if I could describe a dog as restless or nervous or something it was so weird I was nervous. She had no other symptoms of being sick. nothing else had changed the way she was acting stands out. It very slightly very very slightly puts doubt to my original idea that someone took her. I am very hopeful for the lost dog signs they work really well around here especailly for a reward. I will up the reward if no one answers in about a week or two. May be

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