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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So, I know it’s been awhile since I last updated a blog so I thought I would spell out my new “To Do” list to maybe hold me accountable for what all I want to get done.

As an update to those of you who don’t know, I am still dealing with a little stress over my hubby deciding he is going to quit his job in June (he is a school teacher) and what our financial future will look like, but I am coming to terms with it in knowing that no matter what happens, he will be a much happier and less stressed person which in turn should make my life easier so I support this decision.
On my job, my lab assistant, who usually does all the day to day required lab work, is out on Jury Duty (all last week and all this week) and she is supposed to be on vacation next week, so that makes 3 weeks of me doing both our jobs which has made me way busier but on the plus side – I have had no problem getting my 10,000 steps per day as I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off most of the day. This same assistant will be back for December but then will be off on maternity leave come January, for 3-4 months so I guess I’m just getting a preview of what my life will be like Jan-April if I stay in my current position – which brings me to my next stressor – I have an interview for a new job tomorrow morning. Not really sure I want the job, or if they will be able to pay enough to make it worth switching jobs, but I have to check it out and see – it is in my hometown (right now I work 20 miles from home) and has much better job advancement potential than my current job, only has about 1/3 the responsibility my current job does and would probably pay right about the same I currently make – but I have complete job freedom in my current position and 10 + years in here so my vacation is higher – so I’ll really have to weigh out the pros and cons once I learn more about the position and what the pay scale offer could be.
I hosted a baby shower for my assistant at my house last Saturday which went really well – even though my house was filled beyond its limits with people, but of course we ended up with lots of leftover food which I worked on eating all day Sunday and woke up Monday morning 5 pounds heavier than I was on Friday morning. This put me back into the obese category on the BMI scale and I vowed never to go there again! But I have not been able to really get back on track since my vacation back in June so I made a promise to myself to honestly track and turn down the sweets so I can get back with my program. The exercise hasn’t been too much of an issue – it’s the eating that destroys all my efforts. Only 2 days into my new commitment and I have dropped back down from the 157 to 151.6 so I think it really is working.
Now to outline my to-do list from the week – and which items are already done:
1) Refinance paperwork – had the notary come over Monday night – signed a million forms and I think our part of that process is done!
2) Hubby was ready for a phone upgrade – but we got weird messages trying to do it on-line so I called and get his new iphone ordered for him Monday – it should arrive tonight and then we’ll get it all set up.
3) My dog broke our BBQ ignitor (on a 3 month old BBQ) so I had to call and order a new one of those – did that yesterday.
4) Pay the dental bill insurance didn’t cover – mailed that this morning.
5) Pay the Sequoia registration – will do on-line today
6) Buy tickets for the December Ballet performance for the family – still need to do
7) Register my son for Little League – can do on-line – will do today!
8) Need to complete all the paperwork for our passport applications – want to make apt for next week when hubby and kids are off school – still need to do.
9) Make apt for Pup to get Neutered – made it yesterday for December 2nd.
10) Need to pick out writing samples to take to interview with me – MUST do today!
11) Need to pick out what to wear for interview – MUST do today!
12) Need to contact the woman we have come do housework twice a month since the next day she is scheduled to come is thanksgiving and we just want to give her a paid day off (I usually think of this ahead of time but my brain was too fried last week to think about it) so now I need to call her and tell her to just come get money instead of work – which sounds easier than it is since she doesn’t speak English well and I don’t speak Spanish at all.
13) Arrange babysitting with my parents for a date night with hubby this weekend!
14) Start to wrap the Christmas presents as we get them so it’s not a ton to do as Christmas gets closer!
15) Find my daughter black pants and white shirt for her band concert on 12/15.
16) And most importantly – keep eating below 1400 calories and exercising at least 90 minutes per day!
I think that’s everything I have on my list right now – I’m sure I’ll add to it and erase things as I do them, but at least now they are in writing so I need to do them!

Hope you all have a splendid day – best get back to the lab…..
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    Wow!! I am amazed and impressed! That is a list and a half and you are half way through. This time is very stressful. Keep listening to your heart, and you will know what decisions to make!! God bless!!
    3396 days ago
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