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oh man when it rains it pours

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ok so think you had a bad day? i think i had a bad WEEK...but remember to read to the bottom:

OK last week..thurs. go out. tire flat. find guage (takes 1.5 hrs to do so) try to air up tire. cant get more than 10 pounds in it. call stepdad. did you plug in compressor? no its still squirting air. yeah only 10 pounds of air plug it in. ok. plug it in. up to 35 pounds. yay.
fri. tire flat. call walmart. 3 hour wait; call only other tire place. no time..come at 3 ut no promises. ok. wrack brain..ahhhh i think there is one other place that MIGHT sell tires. call them..well..we are booked but if you can come now we will get you in.
ok. get there. hole in sidewall. unfixable. can put spare on but dont go far please. ok. tire will be in monday and by the way did you know your muffler is bad? WHAT?? i said..did you know...
obviously he didnt get my what joke. yeah i knew. its why i'm deaf. but i dont have the 700 the other place quoted me to fix it. 700 he says? no i can do it for 3. ok. $500. ok. well do it. appt for mon
ok so monday comes. i get a call can you come an hour earlier...we have an emergency coming in at your time..sure no problem let me go let my daughters dog out first.
run let riley out. feed him. let him out again. put him in kennel. speed to place. all fixed. $477. hurts but nexessary.
stop at walmart. get something quick as i realize i hadnt eaten at ALL. tastes funny but i'm not used to ANY fast food so disregard it.
home. queasy. something wrong with computer.
sick all night.
tuesday. teach special ed all day...thank goodness for kind coworkers who will fill in at seconds notice..and CLOSE BY rest rooms.
home. computer blue screen of death. freak out. realize i had been on my bank site to make sure enough in acct to pay bill. check site. extra $500 gone. uh oh.
Kevin calls..i'm hysterical. Thank God for significant others who are certified network analysts that can calmly guide you through a fix. get it fixed. call bank. charge for tires went thru twice no hijacking. whew.
sick in night again..probably from stress!!!!!!
up this morning. computer working. bank straightening out mess. and the news shows that there are people having FAR worse days and weeks than me. I am greatful for things beeing not as bad as it could be!!
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