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How do I stop the emotional eating?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am out of control. I always realize the next day what happened the previous night - that it's emotional eating.

The last couple of weeks have been busy at work. Keep in mind that our contract is still in limbo so I don't know if I will have a job at the end of the year - rumors are it will at least be extended 6 months, maybe another year (I think that is part of the stress too).

Anyway, evenings on busy days, I am just out of control. I'll eat like a pound of pasta (seriously - a pound of pasta). The thing is I'm doing this mindlessly. I don't even think about how I'm going to feel afterwards or the next day. I'm focus on how good the pasta is going to be.

I know I am not helping myself by not controling my eating - I'm out of the habit of logging. Everyday, the scale creeps up a little more.

Anyway - FEEDBACK PLEASE - I want to know how you do it - how do you keep the emotional eating at bay? How do you snap yourself out of the funk and realize what you are doing?
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    Ugh....emotional eating...I do that...um, I did that..um, I fight that....and some days are worse than others...good news is that eventually it does subside. It takes time...and practice...and realizing what we are doing when it comes upon us.

    I think tracking your nutrition is step #1 - because if you are writing everything down, your most likely going to think about the consquences rather than just go all out and eat. I have been on maintenance...well, let's just say FOREVER at this point...and I STILL TRACK MY NUTRITION. Especially if I am in a funk, feel like I am going to go into a funk, or feel like I am spinning out of control emotionally. It does help a lot. So track every mouthful. Be MINDFUL of eating instead of mindless.

    I also agree with the portion control...force yourself to measure because it is fuel for your body not for your stress. You want to eat...well, then, drink that water!!! Have as much of that as you want!!!

    Emotional eating takes time to control - so start today. Be mindful of your triggers.

    Another thing is to keep busy...like working out, but I know for a fact that that is sometimes tough to get moving to do when emotions are out of control. try a walk outside (even in the cold) to give yourself a change of scenery!

    Oh, and what helps me - I try to never eat after 7pm at night. Honestly, it has become such a habit that I feel weird if I do...mentally weird, not physically, although even physically I do get an upset tummy becuase it is out of my routine.

    Good luck...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!
    2404 days ago
    Well, realizing that it's emotional eating is a huge step. The other things that I do is track everything, even the candy I get out of the jars at work, which fortunately isn't as much as I used to get, but still I've realized that I can easily blow 100-200 calories with "little" pieces of candy.

    The other thing - get the food scale and the measuring cups out and ready to use. Measure everything. I still do it even on days I don't track food. Measuring for me is key.

    And, walk the dogs or do some other form of exercise for a few minutes a day. That will make you feel better and get the happy endorphins going. Doesn't have to be much - a little cardio, a little strength training can make a world of difference.

    And, remember, one day at a time.
    2405 days ago
  • AIYLA1130
    I understand how you feel and I also hope your contract gets extended. I used to eat a can and a half of cashews on the nights of my busy days. What I did to overcome that, since I was adding over 1000 calories to my diet every night, was I kept the food I go to out of my home. I don't buy that food anymore because no matter how much I say I will control myself, I don't. My advice would be don't buy pasta and find another activity to do when you're stressed like working out or reading. emoticon
    2405 days ago
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