You might be an athlete if....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

- you walk around sniffing your underarms to make sure they don't stink

- you have more pairs of white athletic socks than your teenage son

- spandex makes you feel sexy

- you are constantly trying to achieve a PR

- you actually know what a PR is

- you strive for negative splits

- you have 4 pairs of sneakers, and know you need a different pair depending on your workout

- you choose your next job based on whether or not they have a gym in your building

- you get excited when the Dick's Sporting Goods flyer arrives in the mailbox

- your hair is always in a ponytail

- you know what a Sweaty Band is


- you have more bibs than your infant

I'm 7 out of 12 lol

From 2 FitFreaks Website
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