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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What were your eating habits like growing up?

My eating habits growing up are not something I totally and fully remember. I do remember eating fruits, remember hating vegetables, and there were quite a few nights eaten out. I’ve always been a carbs lover and that has never not gotten me into trouble. I’ve always been the person to oversauce everything and shovel food down like no tomorrow. My folks were always telling me that there was nowhere I needed to be, that I wasn’t dying, so I needed to put down the fork and chew, otherwise I’d probably choke. Habits, sadly, I still have and really need to spend some time working on. Even more than what I put in my mouth these days, it’s how I put it in my mouth.

“It is not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us fathers and sons.” ~ Johann Schiller (I’d also like to add in mothers and daughters and brothers and sisters… ppssshhh ;))

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    My Mom was a working Mom and a single Mom so while I remember our meals being balanced a lot of them were packaged for convenience. Maybe not dinner but when I would go over the sitters house I would come with my TV dinners for lunch LOL.
    2351 days ago
  • CA2OR76
    My mom was always cooking meals, sometimes the same ones over and over but they were balanced with protien, carbs and vegetables and we always had dinner together. I know I was way pickier as a kid and wouldn't eat fish so my mom disguised it and said it was chicken.ha ha...I know it was more processed until I got older and in college we joined WW for the first time together and I notice our eating habits changed together. Now we all eat less processed and more fresh ingredients.
    2351 days ago
    We never ate out. We might have kfc like twice a year. Until we were teens, we ate at the table as a family. Always had bread nd butter on the table but also had fruit or a veggie although it was usually corn cause my DD liked it. As young tens we began cooking and once we began to drive, fast food was a big part of our lives. DD had a sweet tooth so there was always snack cakes and candy etc in the house. My sister and I were not fat until in our a20's and had kids
    2351 days ago
    We ate a variety of foods, but most of the starches were heavily processed and not whole graints. Fruits were not a large part of our diet. I eat and have eaten a lot healthier since moving out of my parent's home.

    I definitely have a pretty good idea of how I will teach my own children about food.
    2352 days ago
    I remember sit down meals. Usually balanced meals - I guess we were lucky kids. We did need to eat all on our plates. I remember choking down cold peas after stubbornly sitting there for over an hour. As we grew to teenagers I ate pretty much anything I wanted and didn't gain a pound...

    Fun post!
    2352 days ago
    We ate pretty healthy overall as kids. But somehow I'm overweight as an adult. My eating habits have improved a lot over the past few years and especially this year with working with a nutritionist and eating a lot more fruit and veggies.
    2352 days ago
    So so true... and although I'm not much better than I was as a kid, I do try and make my kids eat A LITTLE better than we did growing up!

    2352 days ago
  • LOVE7755
    I know our eating habits were not bad. My parents are from the Caribbean Islands and they cooked all the time. I just always ate junk when I went to school. We had a corner store and carry out restaurant on our way. My allowances sometimes went to junk food.
    2352 days ago
    honestly i dont remember it either! I do know that because my mom was a single parent raising 3 kids, we ate a lot of processed foods. Sadly, its cheaper (still is) to buy. But as we got older, and my mom re married and became more established, they know cook/eat very healthy. They raise a lot of their own animals, and have them butchered for meat, and they also can vegetables from their own garden. This is something that I have picked up from them over the years, and i'm actually thinner now (or was before i got pregnant lol) than i ever was in HS.
    2352 days ago
  • JACKI1033
    Ahhh I forgot to blog yesterday so now I'm two questions behind! I'm blogging right now!
    2352 days ago
    Other than a vegetable that was occasionally served with dinner and forced down my throat, most of the food I had growing up was really high in carbs/fat/etc... I never ever thought about portion control and just piled a bunch on my plate, ate it all, then asked for more. We also ate out a LOT, not so much when I was younger but as I got older. Breakfasts usually consisted of cereal or something else quick, lunches were cafeteria lunches (read pizza and cookies etc...), and dinners were usually some meat paired with lots of carbs and the occasional vegetable.
    2352 days ago
    I liked veggies but not fruit. I was happy to eat healthy food as long as I didn't have to prep it.

    There was a period of time that I ate salads and breadsticks for lunch but I also went through a thin period where I could eat whatever I wanted and be ok - I almost wish that never happened!
    2352 days ago
    My eating habits growing up were very...Southern. Deep fried everything, an abundance of sweet tea, lots of gravy... Looking back, it's kind of surprising I didn't have a weight problem through childhood. We always had an abundance of snack food in the house, too, so it's taken me a while to retrain myself how to think about food.
    2352 days ago
    We were really poor growing up and ate tuna and noodles or ground beef (the fattiest version too)and noodles - not even as a good caserole - for dinner just about every night. It was the protein of choice, cream of mushroom soup and egg noodles and my parents put sauteed onion in their version. Not really healthy. We never had fruits or veggies unless we went to my grandma's (which we did frequently for free food and she was our care taker as well) but then it was corn and green beans. Maybe a lima bean now and then but that was it. No wonder I love my carbs so much! Note to self: If I ever lose my mind and have a kid or two, feed them FREGGIES!!!
    2352 days ago
    Readin you blog made me think about my food habits as a child. I remember eating a lot of sweets for breakfast, cookies, cake etc. I was not a big breakfast person (still not am, but now I at least make an effort) and my Mom and Grandmother were just really glad that I was eating something in the morning. I was a SUPER picky eater, basically the only thing I would really wat was chicken and rice. It wasn't until I met my husband that I changed my eating habits. He showed me that there is a whole new world out there of food.
    2352 days ago
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