The Dreaded Holidays

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holidays… such an exciting and fun time, but for those trying to lose weight it’s a DREADED time of the year! Not just high calorie foods, but LOTS of it! And to top it all off… the sweets! Cookies, pies, candy… mmmhmm!

So the question is: how do we handle the holidays?
It’s a great time to really practice what you’ve already learned. If you are preparing your holiday meals, one thing you could do it substitute some ingredients for healthier ones. I would never say don’t make that stuffing, or the mashed potatoes and gravy, goodness no!

But you can prepare them in a healthier way at least.
If you’re like me, you will be traveling and eating food prepared by others, DON’T let that bother you! You need to enjoy the holidays, family, and the food, not stress about your weight. With that said obviously I’m not about to tell you to stuff yourself to the rim and go back for more.

So what do you do?

When I started losing weight it was only 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, so I had just started to change my eating, I was pretty worried about failing from Thanksgiving until I found myself needing a new years’ resolution!

I’ve tried from the beginning NOT to deprive myself of any food, just keep it under control, in moderation and/or prepared healthier. That is how I approached our big turkey dinner.
My family always has a veggie tray out before the big meal so I was sure to start munching instead of “saving room”. As I went through the line I had probably a little bit of everything but my portions ARE the difference. I picked more veggies than I normally would and fewer potatoes. More turkey, less gravy… you get the idea.

As I sat down with my plate of AMAZING food SCREAMING at me to stuff my face, I started with my veggies, slow bites, being sure to talk as well so I could feel myself getting full, instead of being silent for 5 minutes and stuffing myself to go back for more. Besides, it’s Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my family and the time I get with them, so TALK! :) I worked around my plate saving all starches for last; by the time I got to them I could feel myself getting full. I’m proud to say not only did I NOT go back for seconds, I didn’t even get down all my mashed potatoes, and I was ABSOLUTELY satisfied. I was not sitting there starving, telling myself “don’t you DARE go back for more!”

Oh but it’s not over yet, we still have *gulp* dessert! So many choices! For me, it’s that chocolate pudding pie in the graham cracker crust piled with cool whip and chocolate shavings!! You better believe I had a slice, ONE slice. And I picked the smaller one out of the bunch. I ate it slowly, enjoying every bite, after all, this wasn’t a part of the meal, and this is the sweet treat, the dessert, not a second meal!

I also knew there would be leftovers and I could enjoy another dessert the following day if I wanted. And yes, I had leftovers of everything the next day. :)
I handled Christmas the exact same way, and really, isn’t this how we should handle every meal? A little more “give” during the holidays though!

Do NOT forget what you’ve learned and accomplished so far, there is NO reason to jeopardize that. And keep in mind where you’re trying to get.
I did not count calories that day, you could, but I just don’t want the “pressure”. I just did what I KNOW to do.

Eat better, eat less, and be active.

I believe I ran that weekend too if my memory serves me right. The holidays are not excuse to get lazy, go do your workout or just go play!

Not only did I not gain weight over thanksgiving week and Christmas, but I lost.
You CAN be successful during the Holidays AND enjoy all the food!

There is no reason to torture yourself, in my mind, when you do that-deprive yourself- you are setting yourself up for failure.

And guess what, if you gain some weight despite controlling yourself, you haven’t failed. It’s about changing how you eat, how to live, changing your lifestyle, and if you did your best, then you were successful! Just keep going… burn those calories. Just don’t’ eat like it’s the holidays everyday! :) And maybe just eat one to two cookies instead of half a dozen. ;)
Here come the Holidays….


Rock Thanksgiving and Christmas out!!!

(my family)
Much love!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Finally got around to reading it. Thank you!!

    As I was reading it, one main theme came through. Yeah, it's the Holidays, yes there is more things to tempt, stuff, chow, chomp, gulp, not-even-chew because of the "event" - BUT IT'S NOT REALLY ANY DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER DAY!!!

    Across the street and around the corner from my office there is McD, Wendy's, numerous deli's, GoodBurger, and on and on.

    Yeah I have days where I do one of these...BUT I DO IT WITH PORTION CONTROL!! If it works all year, why would I do anything different just because it's a Thursday in Nov???

    As Em says, change is change - for the long term! It's not just about 1 day or 1 meal!!

    Enjoy and Live!!

    3459 days ago
    what an awesome blog! so happy I stumbled across your page.
    3459 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10677745
    Great blog, thanks!
    3460 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3201713
    Thanks for this blog. I really needed to hear this right now.
    3461 days ago
    Awesome blog, I just love the way you look at your life style, it's never a diet, it's self control, portion control, everything in moderation!! That is how it should be!!! I was super psyched for Thanksgiving and was gonna enjoy and maybe even go crazy, because one day isn't going to undo 1 and a half years of progress..... but after reading your blog I think I'm going to treat Thanksgiving just like any other day, keep it small and you can enjoy it all!!!!
    3461 days ago
  • BROOKIE389
    Thanks for this! I sure needed it! Its going to be a tough holiday season since its my first on my new healthy lifestyle...I'm going to rock it out!
    3461 days ago
    Thanks to BlackJack67 for the topic!
    3461 days ago
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