Culinary Cravings: I (Heart) Cabbage

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last night, during dinner, my husband said to me "Are we having so much cabbage because it is cheap, or are you liking it?"

It was his less than subtle way of telling me that in his opinion we've had a bit much cabbage lately - but I have been craving it

I told him, "I think it is cheap, but I'm mainly just craving it"

In the last two weeks we've had Cabbage Beef and Barley Soup, a Cabbage Vegetable Soup with pasta, and Cabbage and Noodles with Bacon (of course) - the thing about the soups is that I make a huge pot, and so we have it at least once (sometimes twice) for leftovers

I don't know what it is lately, but I am wanting to eat cabbage - it is yummy - today in fact, because I have about a half of a head left and I don't want to inundate him with more, I shredded up a cup, fried it briefly in the grease from some bacon I cooked & crumbled, added a couple of eggs, some black olives, salt, white pepper, and topped it with a slice of hot pepper cheese - oh-my-gosh - so good! and it doesn't really even taste like cabbage - it reminded me more of when you shred potatoes in scrambled eggs - I opted for this instead of going out and getting a greasy burger that I was craving (calorically, fat-wise, and especially sodium - all wins!)

Here's a little info about the health properties of cabbage, but it warns about eating too much because it can inhibit something to do with iodine - I know from a thyroid condition that my mom has that she has to be careful to not consume too much cabbage - that is probably why

No worries though, I think because my hubby is hinting, I'll try to back off on the cabbage, and maybe only indulge in a head of it every other week or so - burnout is probably coming with it soon anyway - just wanted to share my current obsession

And no, I'm not pregnant emoticon
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