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I Could Think of More Pleasant Canals To Travel...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I've been hearing talk from some SparkFamily that I may be needing a root canal. Ugh! Doubt I'm going to go there. I've heard so many trials & tribs with root canals and if it IS this molar that has been crowned I'm going to become skeptical of that path as well! Odds are I'll just have 'er yanked and call it good.

Enjoyed a nice ride around our local parks with the bike club today. 30 miles with around 2200 feet of climb...some surprising climbs! I unfortunately departed a tad early as we were running behind and the sun was getting too close to setting for me to complete the whole route and THEN return home. PLUS although the ride was a helpful diversion from my dental pain, I could feel it dragging me down after a while. Nice mid-upper 50s today, not as much sunshine as I was hoping for, but for mid-November I can't complain (even tho I try...lol!).

I'm always having Lewis-Black-moments-of-exasper
ation regarding an old theme of mine: Fighting Corporate Control for our Bodies.

Lately it is the change-over in the stores from Halloween to Christmas and the BAZILLIONS of bags of candy and ZILLIONS of cellophaned things to put on our trees and give to each other as if they were something special. Empty calories and empty do-dads that nobody needs and I'm hoping there are fewer and fewer people who actually desire this stuff. But it keeps being put out there so I have to wonder!

We are DROWNING in commercialism and it has become such a formidable task to cut through this and find special meaning in ANY of the seasons by sharing quality time with our friends, family, colleagues and most of all OURSELVES!

We all would enrich our lives so much by foregoing the stores and plastic things and look deep within to what makes holidays such a special time.

The answer does not lie on a store shelf or require a charge card!

My thoughts travel a similar path to Michael Pollan and food. The quality is always improved when NOT bought in a box or shrink-wrapped or in a crinkly plastic bag! Life, food and happiness is really simple, if we allow it to stay that way.

Consider this wonderful movement begun in Vancouver by AdBusters, the same group that inspired the OCCUPY movements: Turn Black Friday into Buy Nothing Day!


Celebrate your health, wellness, family, friends and YOURSELVES that day!

Keep 'er Sparkin' everyone!

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    Hahahaha! My finances are so tight these days that every day is a buy nothing day! Of course, here in Germany, there is no Black Friday, but the commercialism is still much in evidence.

    Hope you get your tooth thing worked out to your satisfaction. Don't postpone it too long if you do need to have it done - or if you decide to go with yanking!
    2349 days ago
    Yanno, it's funny.

    I am a nice Jewish gal and so we bypass all of it, except for hearing that $^#$#%*# music in October. Plus the ads, everywhere. With no kids, we don't have anyone clamoring for that stuff.

    But we still have to flip around the channels, avoiding the many, many, many "specials" that are not so special, plus there are 2 radio stations that have already gone to Xmas music 24/7.

    So it is in our faces even though we don't have a tree, etc.

    I can see where it could get overwhelming. It certainly gets old quickly enough.

    Wish I could tell ya more - but it's the annual Xmas onslaught and it is just ... there. Feh!
    2352 days ago
    I have to chime in on root canals since I have had over 10 myself. I agree with Shantishanti about going to a specialist. Someone that does root canals all day long. The one time I had a family dentist do it, I wound up with an abscess. You can give yourself some tests to make sure it is your tooth and not your gums or that you grinned your teeth in your sleep and it is your jaw bone. Your gums can hurt if you have a cap in that area and you think it is a tooth. For 900 dollars you want to make sure. Good Luck
    2352 days ago
    Couldn't agree with you more about commercialism--it's almost depressing to see the Christmas decorations out before Halloween. Give us a break. I've been on the Buy Nothing bandwagon on Black Friday for years. Can't stand the crowds and traffic, so I stay home and work on my Christmas card list.

    Good luck with the root canal.
    2352 days ago
    If you do need a root canal, may I suggest seeing an endodontist, a dentist that specializes in root canals, and does them all day long. I have had two root canals, and the difference with the specialist was profound.

    Buy Nothing Day, what a concept!!! I often times find myself decluttering with really good intentions, only to find that I end up filling up my space again with THINGS I don't need. I will strive to do better this year. Thanks for the reminder.
    Mary Ann
    2353 days ago
    Good luck with the tooth I've had three pulled and another three that are breaking down rapidly... always seems like pregnancy accelerates tooth decay... they seem to collapse all of a sudden just when I can't do much about it lol oh well.

    As for commercialism... my husband already gave me my Christmas gift - a second hand sewing machine to replace the worn out one I'd been using for 20 years - and I am using it to make all our Christmas gifts... although the boys get more than they need in purchased stuff as well... we do try to make sure it is stuff that will last through several little pairs of hands whenever we can.
    2353 days ago
    I have had several root canals. They have had the effect of eliminating pain in the affected tooth. Tooth remains, dying root is terminated.

    It isn't the root canal that is so bad, it's the need for one in the first place that is torture.
    2353 days ago
    here's hoping your tooth woes are over soon and with a minimum of discomfort, however that ends up coming about!

    i second you emphatically on the reluctance to "buy in" (ha ha) to the commercialism that masquerades as family or holiday time. it's hard to bow out gracefully sometimes, but i am all in favor of simplifying and getting to what should be the core of the issue: family, friends and time.

    just 70 more miles till a season 2k!
    2353 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    i had a root canal and it was not so bad as they say??!!!
    if it will save a tooth it is worth it in the long run...
    all the best and hopefully soon
    you will be free of discomfort......
    blessings and hugs...........lita
    2353 days ago
    Oh my goodness I do so agree with you about the tidal wave of Christmas CRAP (sorry, but it is!!) that has inundated every commercial establishment. ARRRRRGHHHHHH! Get rid of it already! Is it just because we are at an age and stage where we've acquired everything we want and are thinking about down-sizing/decluttering?? But other younger people still in the "accretive" stage" feel differently? So just our imaginations that it's getting worse?? I'm not sure, but I'm certainly trying to ignore it ALLLLLLLLLLL!

    Now, about root canal: not so bad, really, if you have trusted dentist current on new strategies and with all the recent technological stuff to hand. And: better (really) than having a tooth yanked which changes the whole alignment of your dentition and can have far reaching consequences. (Or: at least that's my experience . . . for what it's worth: I would fight "tooth and nail" to keep all my teeth for so long as I can, and would "bite the bullet", have the root canal done. Sorry about these terrible mixed metaphors).

    All best, Don. Hope your dentist sees you bright and early and gives you some relief for the pain.
    2353 days ago
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