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Saturday, November 12, 2011

so as the story goes, I get going on a good streak and then I loose my motivation. Things get in the way and I get too busy. Then you know the snowball effect. I get upset and discouraged and it's not that I give up, I will just get back to it later. Well later comes when I've finally decided I hate the way I feel or whatever it may be and I get going again. Until.....the next time. Well in may I was having a really hard time emotionally and my hair was falling out my skin looked awful, and I was having headaches everyday. And no matter how I ate the weight was coming back. So I just knew something was going on, that it wasn't my fault it had to be my body's fault. So I made a doctors appointment. I met with my Dr. and we talked and bottom line was I was going to turn 35 in August and my mom had her first heart attack at 40 so the little voice started nagging at me. I got blood work done and made a pact that I would get some of the weight off. Well I didn't work too hard and things got crazy and you know how that story goes. Well September comes and I had re-pete blood work, I had lost 3 lbs and I just know she's going to be pleased that I'd taken of a few pounds.... NO NOT AT ALL! She came in and goes we have a HUGE problem, and I am not happy with these lab results. Over the summer my cholesterol had doubled...and it was the bad cholesterol. The lab results in big red letters said.... Risk of Cardiac danger... IMMINENT! WTF!?!?! I know I'm over weight but seriously? I'm only 35! So I got serious about what and how much goes into my mouth but the exercise component was lacking.... I'm just not an exercise type of gal. Well that was until last week when the gym we bought into over the summer finally got built and opened. I've been going and trying everything out. I love it so far between zumba, water aerobics, swimming and everything else.
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