Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last week in my boot camp class while doing our ab workout the teacher came over to me and said into her microphone "everyone stop what you are doing and look at Jen. This is the correct way to do this move and everyone should do it the way Jen is doing it." This is a teacher who never does that she is a very tough drill sergeant type. I was so embarrassed but it also made me feel really good at the same time. Of course some of the people I know from class are still teasing me and saying they need to be more like Jen.

Then last Fri. after my yoga class the teacher told me how good my poses were. She said she would like to point me out in class to show everyone the correct way to hold a pose but she does not want to embarrass me. emoticon

Last night as I was leaving the gym one of the girls in my R.I.P.P.E.D class stopped me in the parking lot to compliment me on how hard I worked in class. She then asked me how old I was and I told her I just turned 31. She thought I was joking and had though I was her age 26 or younger. What a great compliment! emoticon

So it looks like all this hard work is paying off. I have not noticed a big difference on the scale but I have been getting a lot of compliments and my clothes are definitely getting baggy . emoticonOn top of that I just feel really great. Whenever I get off track I end up feeling like crap. I can definitely tell I big difference in the way I feel when I eat the right foods and keep up with my workouts.

Thanks for all of the support I would not of made it this far without all of my Sparkfriends!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
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