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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I took Friday off of work (and actually had somebody to cover me this time) and drove up to Savannah. kris and Scott followed me up which made the drive a little less boring.
We got to the expo and it was packed! I am so glad we got there when we did because traffic started backing up seriously bad!
Kris, Scott and I walked around the expo looking for good buys and other runners. I bought a running capri skirt from skirt sports and that was it! We finally got a hold of Brad and his family, met up for a bit and then found out that Becki was at the expo too! I met up with her and Darlene for a bit and also had the pleasure of finally meeting Jillian and Carolyn! We walked around the expo for a bit, I texted Holly as well as Suezette to find out when they would make it to the expo but they got stuck in traffic. Suezette was walking in as I was walking out. We gave our quick hugs and I headed to the hotel to get settled in.
This is Becki, Darlene and Me at the expo

I checked into the hotel, got my race gear ready for the morning and met up with Becki and Darlene for a walk around the blocks and a drink.

We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner at the Pirate House!
That was a blast! We met up with so many other runners that we have "known" for so long!
Dinner was fantastic, the drinks were awesome! (yes I know better than to drink before a race but didn't listen)
We headed back to the hotel to get some rest. I get back and I thought everybody was asleep so I latched the door but didn't realize Greg and his wife were still out. Them banging on the door woke us all up. OOPS!
I didn't sleep much that night. I can never sleep well away from my family. 5am came quick, I got up and dressed and we headed for a quick breakfast and headed to the race site. It was a chilly and windy morning!
Becki and I found Holly as we were waiting for the marathon maniacs/half fanatics pictures. We snapped some great pics and then they all scattered for their corrals.

Becki and I hung out there for a bit then wandered to my corral. Becki was still undecided if she would do the half or full so she hung out with me! YAY!
We took off about 30 minutes after the first wave. Becki and I were doing 2:1 intervals at first but then she talked me into doing 3:1 then I decided 3:30's. lol! We had such a great time chatting and running that the miles flew by!
About mile 8 my foot started hurting and slowing me down. I noticed that I was falling further and further away from my 2:30 goal and I never saw the 2:30 pace group!
Mile 10ish we ran into Melissa and katie, they looked awesome!
Mile 11 Becki parted ways as she was doing the full. It was a conversation for the first 11 miles if she was going to stick with the full or go to the half. It was so funny, she would have her mind all made up and then change it! I told her to do what she felt comfortable with, I knew she was going to do the full, she did and rocked it!!

I kept on the half course but my foot was killing me at this point! I wanted to give up but then I ran into Kris (my running buddy) and she kept me going. I had to walk more than I wanted the last mile but still finished with a PR at 2:33:57!
Kris did awesome with her PR of 2:31 and with skinned up knees! The poor girl fell right before the finish line!

I wasn't able to stay after the race because my family was doing a benefit poker run for my SIL Julie so I crossed the line, hugged Tia, and walked back to the room with Carolyn and texting Holly, Suezette and Becki as to how they were doing.
I got a quick shower, packed and hauled butt back to FL! As soon as I pulled in my driveway my hubby was pulling in on the bike to head out. The poker run was such a blast! I loved riding on the back of the bike with my hubby, even though it was rainy! My friends Corey and his girlfriend Becca, and my BIL and SIL (Shane and Julie) were also on their bikes.
The benefit turned out well, Julie made her speech and made us cry. It was such a blessing to see her smile and have fun! I drank way too much by the end of the night but it was awesome!!
Here is Julie giving her speech!

Julie is my hero!!

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