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When life hands you lemons.. have a lemon fight.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One of the hardest lessons I've had to learn about weight loss has been 5 years and coming. This lifestyle change isn't about not having any set backs. It's about how to navigate them and get back on the horse when they happen. Because kids, at some point, they are going to happen.

At some point in your journey, something somewhere is not going to go according to plan. Maybe it's a minor injury from doing too much too soon. Maybe it's stress at work/home or a sudden shift in the available time you used to have. Or maybe, it's just taking things for granted.

These things happen. They happen to me all the time. I still try to prevent as much as possible (being prepared is a wonderful thing), but when you can't prevent, you just gotta roll with it to get back on track.

Right now I've got a nasty chest cold which means running for me is completely off the table. This makes me really unhappy considering I didn't run at all on vacation (poor planning on my part) and I didn't get to run much the week before because I was in the hospital. This does all kind of nasty things to my HM training plan.. like stomping on it viciously and putting it in the trash. But it is what it is. I can't change that I can't run right now. I can however keep exercising, and keep looking ahead. To make attempt number 4 THE final attempt!

I CAN still exercise. I CAN still lift weights (up to 8 pounds!!), and I CAN watch what I am eating. I turbo fired last night to the 45 minute class when all I wanted to do was faceplant, and it made my inner athlete extremely happy.

See? Rolling with the punches.

The next big set back which is harder to roll with, is the vacation mind set.

I was on vacation for a week. Because of poor planning, I made some choices that set me back a bit. I can tell you that I didn't look at how much the portions were, ate until I was stuffed and had chocolate every single day. Which would have been better had I been running 6 miles ontop of walking 8 hours a day, but it didn't happen.

As a result, I came home pounds heavier and found that there was no instant bubble. Meaning that the "Whatevah whatevah, I do what I want." mentality did not just dissipate when I walked through my door. My first though before I got on my home scale was well.. lets eat whatever we want tonight and see what the damage is tomorrow. I'll start then.

Having been on this ride before, I knew what it meant. I got on the scale post haste. I couldn't go back in time and better plan my trip to make my weight gain less. Waiting until tomorrow would likely only make it more, with more pounds to take off. Who wants to have to lose more weight?

I was already set back by the gain, but could roll with it. Taking off whatever I had put on vacation was going to be easier than taking off what I put on from vacation plus the "I'll start tomorrow" pounds. That kind of thinking is what got me into this mess to begin with.

When change has to happen, it has to happen now. Not some point later. But right now. Later has no definition of time because it's always at some point in the future. But this moment? This is present. It is when you need change the most.

No matter what time it is, even if you are about to close your eyes, it is never too late to start change. Even if your day has been full of binge eating or in my case, a 22 hour car ride with quick meals. You can do this. I can do this. It starts now.

I started to hold myself accountable again. The mindset didn't completely vanish overnight. It still lingered right up until my last round of turbo fire. Then my body seemed to remember something I had forgotten in the week. My inner athlete. Tough as nails, balls to the wall. Fighter. Ready to get back and do this, so that the HM plan can happen sometime in 2012. Working to get that kind of body I've been dreaming about the past year.

By the time I was done, I was dripping with sweat. Struggling to catch my breath between coughs, with my muscles feeling like they were on fire. And there was the biggest smile on my face. Because of choosing to change, choosing to turbo fire when all I wanted to do was faceplant, I was getting there. And after I do some yoga and strength training today, I'll be that much closer.
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    You are right. We have to roll with what life gives us and adjust.
    2390 days ago
    Make a lovely meat marinade with those lemons is what I say. You are doing fine with doing just that. Keep it moving....

    God bless & enjoy everyday!

    2390 days ago
    Way to throw those lemons!!
    2391 days ago
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