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Sometimes You Just Want to Scream!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I jointed the 5K Your Way program the other day, and I was scheduled to walk a mile yesterday. I had it all figured out...

My First Plan was to sneak up to the high school track during my lunch yesterday as soon as I did a couple of pre-election tasks I had lined up. One of these things involved the computer I use to track our registered voters. This computer feeds from the State office that oversees that list and it needed to be replaced, and I got it yesterday morning. My instructions were to hook it up but not turn it on before I spoke with the technical people at that office. So at 9 am yesterday, I hooked it up and called that office...was told the person I needed to speak with was not at her desk, and they took a message for her. Three hours later, not having heard back, I called again. Once again, she was not at her desk, and another message was left.. Another 2 hours went by..still hadn't heard, so I called again...only this time, I had to leave to go do some poll set up within 30 minutes.. She still wasn't there, I told them I had to leave and couldn't wait, so they said just turn the computer on and leave it at the log in screen and they would handle what they had to do remotely. Only, the log in screen would not come up...so I had to call again.. Finally, the woman I was supposed to speak with first thing in the morning came on and said "I tried to call you early this morning, but I HAD THE WRONG NUMBER, SO THAT'S WHY YOU HAVEN'T HEARD FROM ME SOONER."

WHAT???????????????? My goodness, this is the crap that gives public employees a bad name. You are trying to call someone back, you know she is the City Clerk of a particular city, you have the wrong number in your files and so you don't bother to find the right number?? When EVEYBODY else in your office has the right number??? Deep breathes and sigh, Tina..you are not going to stroke out over this..

So....I went to Plan B....As I mentioned above, I had to go to one of our polling sites yesterday afternoon to bring some signs for today's election. Close by is a nice walking track that has the miles all measured out. I was going to drop off the signs, and then go over to the track and get my walk in.. Unfortunately, when I got to the polling location, I found out that the principal of the school had decided on his own that he was going to move the voting location from the cafeteria, which he had requested we move to at the last election, to the gym, which is where we had always voted before. He said "my people" would be happy and it was okay because the kids are out of school. I told him that certainly wasn't his call, and we are NOT going to be moving the polling place back and forth, because people don't like change. This necessitated calls to election workers, a strategy call with the mayor's office, decisions that had to be made..and of course, the end of my planned walk.

Because yesterday also happened to be my son's 10th birthday, there was no other time to get that walk in, because we had planned to have my mom and sister and brother in law over for a light dinner and happy birthday cake...and though I know we have to make time, I also know when to cut bait... So yesterday, unexpectedly, will be my "rest" day in my program, today, election day, will be the day I get that walk in. I'll let you know how it goes!!
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    So sorry that you were foiled in your walking plans... glad you did what you"had" to do, and refocused for tomorrow. You go girl...
    3309 days ago
    GAH!! emoticon T, do ya' have anymore hair on yer' head, or did ya' YANK it all out?!! emoticon I know... I am laughing... at your expense, my dearest, but... there's comedy to be found/had *here* now, as I ***see*** you JUGGLING everything under the sun emoticon to 'do' what you need to get DONE- - -

    Only- - - I can just 'imagine' your TOTAL expressions of exasperation at EVERY turn!!

    Girl, you WIN a' Brownie Button for dealin' with:

    ALL the !#%ders%#! ~?\duhs/?~ & dodos = DUMB & DUMBERS

    How do people like that 'person' with her- - - ::gags:: ***gave the wrong number*** EVER manage to squeeze into a world of competent people?!! emoticon Okay, ya' don't have ta' answer that one. I got a pretty good set of ideas popping into my head about now!!

    Yer' the ***B*E*S*T*** my T!! And don't go doin' a ***stroke out*** about gettin' that walk in either, sweets!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3310 days ago
    Sounds like you had a frustrating day - way to handle it and readjust your plans. Today will be better!!
    3310 days ago
  • HOAGIE22
    Git Er Dun!!!
    3310 days ago
    Tina - I know what you mean about your plans being derailed by other people. It does sound like you are staying positive about it. Good luck with today!
    3310 days ago
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