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Monday, November 07, 2011

So I am back after being derailed for over a month. Gained back 10 pounds of the 60 I had lost. did not go to the YMCA for over a month. Ignored spark everytime it popped up when I opened the internet. Lost my muscle tone I had built up. Starting again ...

I could give a hundred reasons why I got derailed (no time, Church, homeschool, got tired of chlorine bleached hair, tired, etc) but they would just be EXCUSES!

In order to move on I must first take responsibility for my behavior. I KNOWINGLY over-ate. I KNOWINGLY ignored spark. I KNOWINGLY did not go to the gym at times when i could have. I KNOWINGLY sat in my recliner next to the resistance bands and did NOT even pick them up. I KNOWINGLY consumed 3/4ths of a Pecan pie in two days.

I think I even got my husband a little concerned. Up to this point he has been a support to my efforts. He has never even said I needed to lose weight. He loves me irregardless. But in the last 11 months he has gained weight and not exercised while watching me lose 60 pounds. He has always cheered me and bragged about my efforts to everyone else. During the month I took my "break" he bought a bike and started riding bikes with the kids! Then this week he says, "When are you going back to the Y?" In some ways, I think my derailment may have motivated him... I won't go into all the psychology behind that one, though I am qualified, I will refrain (lol). So saturday I dragged my now lazy butt to the YMCA. Walked breathlessly around the track for 25 minutes and then swam a 1/4 mile then did resistance/aerobic exercises in the pool for about 20 more minutes. Yesterday I tried to watch my carb intake and increase protein. Today so far i have eaten only meat. I'll probably get some whole grain carbs at dinner tonight. (Oh and no more PECAN pie) At least until I build my muscle tone enough to have a few rewards here and there. Bummer... That was really good pie!
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    Good for you! And you know what? Pecan pie will still be there when you are ready for it. It's not going anywhere. emoticon
    3349 days ago
    So glad that you are back. Sometimes we seem to do better if we take a break and then can refocus of the changes that we need to go forward. Maybe you DH will take up a challenge with you. Would make life a bit easier. emoticon
    3400 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7402665
    We all have been there. Glad you are getting back on track. Keep going, don't give up! emoticon
    3401 days ago
    First of all - glad you are back... and we have ALL been there (or maybe I should just speak for myself - I sure have!) - I'm talking about that place where we know what we 'should' be doing but we just don't / won't / can't / whatever!
    So congrats on the return, and for taking the first steps back to fitness at the Y - you know you can do it.
    Maybe the wonderul silver lining of it waking up the inner work out monster in your hubby was worth it? The image of you all being fit together as a family is pretty special!
    God bless you as you take up where you left off!
    3401 days ago
    Welcome back and you can do it!!! emoticon emoticon
    3401 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    So glad you caught yourself in time. It is a setback but not a derailment. You got this. emoticon
    3402 days ago
    Sometimes, we can have set backs, and gain nothing but weight! However it looks like you, had a set back and gained some prespective. I am sure when you were working so hard previously, it was a little intimidating, but then your break made your husband realize how he didn't have to be perfect. LOL. Maybe you and your husband can go to the Y together. My Husband have a twice weekly date, and go to a water aerobics class togther. All the other ladies are so jealous. But it is fun, and it gets him involved in my weight loss! I actually think it is a little sexy strength training with him. :)
    3402 days ago
    Glad you are back on track! You can succeed!
    3402 days ago
    It was just 10 pounds! Everyone deserves a Holiday! You could have taken a week long cruise and gained that much! emoticon Your back on track now, throw out the rest of that pie and let's get this emoticon started!
    How exciting that your hubbie is on board too now! Almost worth the 10 pound gain, to gain THAT in return! emoticon
    Do it together, as a family!
    3402 days ago

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    Welcome back!
    3402 days ago
  • MJ7DM33
    emoticon Glad you are back because that is really all that matters!
    3402 days ago
    Hons, I'm proud of you for admitting it and moving forward. You've got this. Just a little blip was all. I'm rootin' for ya! emoticon
    3402 days ago
    Yours was pecan pie, well mine was.....!!! The good news is that we can always begin again and the body will says aaaaaaaaahhhhhh - and the muscle tone will return and the 10 pounds will go away and you will be feeling great. You are already pretty, so now you are enhancing. Blessings to you!!
    3402 days ago
    Great blog- had me laughing out loud at work b/c I saw myself. The good thing is that you are back and that much more aware - Good Luck!
    3402 days ago
    Welcome back, Tasha! Maybe your husband taking a more active role in your healthy lifestyle will be the motivation you need.

    I understand those feelings of weakness. I start out with the best intentions. And even in the middle of some bad behavior, like a third helping of pasta, I will think about the encouraging words I share with Spark Friends, about making small changes. "Do just one small thing for yourself today because you deserve it." Even those kind words are not enough to tear me away from the food sometimes.

    My newest mantra (just read it on one of the showcased Spark Blogs) is: If I slip up, I don't give up.

    So, here we are a month later. You might've slipped, but you haven't quit!

    3402 days ago
  • no profile photo CD616459
    I have done that so many times but I try to learn from my mistakes (intentional or accidental) and move on and get back on track just as you have done. Just stay focused and you will achieve that healthy lifestyle you so want. emoticon
    3402 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5724173
    Thank you for sharing, I am in the same boat, for the past month ( actually more like 5 weeks), I have been yoyoing. I have made a 1/2 effort which has resulted in 3.2 kgs gain, which would have been more if I had not made those 1/2 efforts. Anyhoo, like you I am determined to getting back on track and stop the nonsense!

    Best of luck!
    3402 days ago
    May I start out by saying I would have eaten 3/4 of a pie in one day! I love pecan pie, in fact I'm considering forgoing the Thanksgiving dinner and going straight to the pie! I lost focus too, and dropped sparking for a little over a month. I recently got back into it and I can say this from experience "DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP OVER IT!!" The only thing you can do now is get back into it. The funny thing is, when I stopped my husband bought a bike too! I'm sure there will be plenty more pecan pie days for the both of us, but we just have to remember one slice is enough, lol.
    emoticon emoticon
    3402 days ago
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