Success In A Jewel Box

Monday, November 07, 2011

this weekend, my little family was camped out on Mommy & Daddy's bed in the afternoon, and my daughter was wanting to play with jewelry, so I pulled out my jewelry box (I call them "jewel boxes" to the kids)

when I pulled out my Italian charm bracelet to show her, I was shocked - the last time I had worn it (I don't really wear it any more) it fit/was tight - as in it touched my wrist all the way around - now I could easily take out five or more lengths to get it to that point

I also tried on my high school class ring (which used to fit my ring finger) and my mother's class ring (which never made it over the knuckle of my ring finger) - my ring now fits on my pointer finger, and my mom's fits comfortably on my ring finger

because pictures are so fun:

this is proof of something I had only guessed at, that I am smaller than I was in high school emoticon

PS - I never thought to measure my wrist or forearm when I started SparkPeople, so I don't have actual measurements of what I've lost, but I do know that my hands/wrists look so lovely and foreign to me now - I love them!
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