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Afraid to Say it Out Loud, But It Looks Like Our Mortgage Will Disappear Soon!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

I've been bugging my kids to get together a Christmas list since it is so close now. Would you believe my daughter rolls her eyes when I ask this and my son tells me he'll get to it but never does?

I tell them I would have loved for my parents to ask me for a Christmas list to give them, especially since I didn't get to celebrate Christmas because of their religion.

My daughter says there is nothing she wants really so once again I'm struggling with what she would be interested in and hoping I don't buy something that ends up being a waste of money and just sits there gathering dust.

I told her we could spend the money on experiences then if she couldn't come up with any physical thing/things, but she seems blah about that too. Seriously, are my kids weird or what? LOL.

I'm super excited and a little scared at the same time, but it looks like we might be paying our house mortgage off early 15 years ahead of time! I never would have expected that when we first bought it because we had agreed that we would buy a small house (really a starter home) so that I could stay home with any children we had instead of sending them to daycare. My husband was sceptical that I would be able to save enough money (silly man, LOL) for that to happen. We figured that even if I worked at a job, the costs would be too much vs. the income I would get. Me staying at home has lasted longer than we expected since I homeschool them now.

Again, my silly husband didn't think I would be able to pull this off as they got older due to expenses being more (the older they are, the more it seems things cost) but I have proved his reservations to be of no concern. This is the same man who told me years and years ago that I would never stick with couponing and would get bored with it. emoticon

Seriously, does this man not know me by now? LOL I have one personality trait that has hurt me at times, but has served me well in other situations, and that is I am VERY stubborn. If I make my mind up about something you can bet that I will accomplish whatever I set my mind to do or die trying, LOL.

My husband doesn't make that much money and hasn't received a raise in years. We have not received any help from our parents or anyone else at all, and this is our own hard work and sacrifice that has allowed us to do so.

We never got money or gifts when we got married so there was no help with a down payment on our house either although both sets of our parents help our siblings financially all the time. No one kept our children but me (for instance my mother has pretty much raised my niece for my sister) and we are the ones who pay for all their needs/wants with the occasional small birthday gift from my parents to them. We have no family nearby so he and I have been a strong team leaning on each other for support and relying on the two of us for everything.

I am afraid to say it out loud in case something happens and we're not successful in doing so, but we received the paperwork from the mortgage company yesterday in the mail and my husband is going to take care of it this upcoming week.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

This is so surreal to me because I always worried that my husband and I would be struggling to make our mortgage payment when he got to retirement age since we bought a house and had our children later in life.

We still have college and other expenses ahead of us for the kids, but it is amazing that we've been able to save money even in this horrible economy on one income with no help from anyone. I have couponed, shopped at thrift stores/yard sales/church consignment sales among other things, and we rarely eat out.

I am ALWAYS looking for a way to get things cheaper that we need/want. I'm so ecstatic that the sacrifices we have made over the years are proving to be successful and worth the sacrifices we made.
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    Inflated - It sounds like you guys really scraped by, but you sure did an awesome job doing so! emoticon It sounds like you are not afraid of hard or dirty work and that is wonderful and admirable.
    2390 days ago
    We bought our house in 2008. It was less than 30 years old, a rancher. The following year we got information about a 15-year mortgage and the payment was actually lower than our 30-year mortgage. We went with it. The house sold for 160,000 and we have the mortgage down to less than $90,ooo. We never had help and I never had daycare for my two. We lived below poverty level when they were young. I did get WIC vouchers, but we were never on welfare or had food stamps, not that I am knocking these programs for those in need.

    We did own a house before this one, but we worked to keep it and prayed many times for a way to come up with the house payment. I remember selling a brass lamp for scrap to come up with that last few dollars needed for one house payment.

    I sold nightcrawlers and paid a $500 debt off. My husband would take care of my kids while I did the dirty work. When the debt was paid, I went out of the bait business. When I started reading your blogs, I knew what it was like. People that got the newspaper would save the coupon inserts for me, they were too busy to use them. Even with that, buying groceries was hard. I recycled newspapers, aluminum cans and glass. The place that bought newspapers doesn't do that now and the city began recycling and glass wasn't bought any more.

    I did the same with buying at stores and when I first moved here in 1976, I didn't have a car or a telephone. I don't celebrate Christmas, but I would give your kids money. It may be that right now, there is nothing they want. By having the money, they can save it or spend it at will on what they want.
    2390 days ago
    Windsweptacres - Could you imagine the look on their faces if I got them nothing for Christmas morning? emoticon I am tempted to pretend that we got them nothing when Christmas comes and tell them that they didn't ask for anything so that's what they got, LOL.

    Thanks, yes, we have worked very hard to cut our expenses (well me especially) and save as much as we could. I am so proud that we did this all on our own with no help from parents or anyone else. I'm not bragging at all, just thrilled to pieces that we are accomplishing something that I only dreamed about.

    2391 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2391 days ago
    You could always take your kids at their word and get them nothing for Christmas. emoticon emoticon Still, isn't it nice to know that they're content with what they have and don't need the latest electronic gizmo to be happy. Hubby and I don't exchange gifts, because we each have a certain amount of discretionary money to spend every month, so there truly is nothing we need or want for holidays.

    Paying the mortgage off is a huge accomplishment. You must have worked hard to keep expenses down. We're hoping to get ours paid off in two years.
    2391 days ago
    Thanks everyone! It's a dream I really didn't expect to see happen with us living on one small income. I guess it does pay to save all you can and work hard to cut your expenses as much as possible.
    2391 days ago
    Bill - Congrats to you on paying off your mortgage, that is so awesome! I know you have to be so happy about that. We have calculated all the interest we're paying each month which is a huge bummer. We will be saving that money each month in years to come once this is paid off.

    Like you, I know we will be babysitting the websites to make sure the balance is zero and it's officially OURS. emoticon emoticon
    2392 days ago
    That is awesome!

    2392 days ago
    So glad for you
    2392 days ago
    Good for you! That's great.
    2392 days ago
    I don't care what the "experts" say, having a paid off house is great. I'm with you, I didn't say much to anyone and when I took that final check to the bank, I constantly waited to see when it posted, made sure that the balance was zero, etc. I was babysitting the lender's website until I got confirmation.

    I paid my house off 2 years ago and I still find great comfort in knowing that no matter what happens, this is mine. We always have a place to hang our hat.

    Congratulations to you. Your sacrifices, discipline and effort is about to pay off big time!
    2392 days ago
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