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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Hi hi hi,

I am in the BEST mood ever right now. So, to give you a bit of background: a couple of months ago I was in the library looking for a new book to read and I stumbled across a book called 'Curves: Permanent Weight Loss without Permanent Dieting'. I just grabbed it, thinking it could give me some tips. I started reading it on my commute to work and on my flight to Dubai. And it got me intrigued. It's basically a low carb, high protein plan, not as strict as Atkins or anything like that (I can still eat vegetables, thank god!). Now, I'm definitely not someone who is usually keen on these kind of things. But this time I thought, you know what? I've been trying to lose this weight for the longest time, and it always just comes right back on. And even when I do lose weight, I find it hard cos I feel like I can never eat anything I want, and I have to work out loads, and I wasnt sure if I could sustain that for the rest of my life. So why not give this a try, if only to tick it off my (very) long list of tried and failed.

I started on 23rd October 2011. The premise of the first couple of weeks is you eat as much protein, fats and calories as you want. And I mean, you do NOT count these. At all. BUT you can only eat 20g carbs, plus (and this is the good bit) there is a list of 'free foods', which are vegetables you can eat as MUCH as you want of, and not have to include it in your 20g daily count, stuff like lettuce, cucumber, peppers, broccoli, onions, asparagus, sugar snap peas, spinach, cauliflower, loads of other things. PLUS a protein shake if you want it. Again, the shake is in addition to your 20g carbs. So really, you can end up on like 100g carbs if you fill your plate with the so-called 'Free Foods' salads.

My first thought was 'this sounds too easy'. How can I really eat unlimited amounts of protein and FAT and still lose weight?! It actually allows you to eat sausages, bacon, burgers, cheese, chicken, long as you don't go over that 20g carb. But for once, I decided to just trust the process and see what happens. The result....I literally cannot think of a time in the last 2 weeks that I have been hungry! I've even been out to restaurants twice in the past 2 weeks, had burgers without the bun, chicken wings, even glasses of champagne. Ive been having eggs and bacon, or eggs and sausages, for breakast nearly every morning. It's unbelievable. It only took 5 days for me not to crave carbs anymore. I kid you NOT. Right now, I can't even imagine eating the carby crap I used to. It is the weirdest thing. And this is coming from a self-confessed crisp (potato chips) addict. I swear I'm not exaggerating. Not once since Day 5 have I even been tempted to eat any of that stuff.

And the result of 2 weeks pretty much eating what I want??? *Drum roll*...I've lost 7 pounds! 7 freaking pounds! WTH??!! I know probably half of that is water weight, but seriously...7 pounds?! 4.6 pounds in the last week alone - I just weighed myself an hour ago, which is why Im buzzing right now (and it's the second week where they say it's hardest to lose weight, because you lose all your water weight in the first week!). Eating the amount that I have been eating?! It just doesn't make sense to me!

Please please please anyone who feels like trying this, do your research and give it a go if you think you can do it, But ONLY if you stick to it. There is no cheating allowed; or you'll just end up putting on weight. There are SO many recipes out there for low carbing. Last night I made a ham and cheese quiche from scratch. It was actually unbelieveably delicious, and only 1g carb! I also made this low carb 'Muffin in a Minute' which can taste just like bread if you make it right.

This is seriously it for me. For the first time in my whole life I think I have found something that I believe can truly work for me and my lifestyle and my tastes and food preferences. Even if this is not the plan for you, I really pray that EVERYONE on here can/has found something that really does work for them, that it one day 'clicks' and you feel like you can do this for eternity. Because believe me, once you get that feeling, you will never want to let it go.

HAPPY SUNDAY Y'ALL (it's also my birthday in 9 days...whooopppeeee!)
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    Good for you! I don't think I could ever stick to a plan like that, but for people who can, it seems to work. Your weight loss is looking great! You're a star right now, and you will continue to be one with that determination and success. Well done!
    3365 days ago
    LOL! Welcome to Lowcarbville! One book you would definitely love is Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat and What to do About It. It explains very clearly how insulin drives fat storage (and how carbs drive insulin). The weight loss is only the tip of the iceberg. Start tracking your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and you'll see some amazing results there too.

    There's a lot of myths out there about low carb plans, but I can truly say I'm eating more veggies now than I did before. I just don't dish them up with noodles and rice!

    Glad you're getting great results!

    3366 days ago
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