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Saturday, November 05, 2011

So I wanted to make room on my front page for some fresh startage. But I didn't want to lose my list of the Year of Yes or the very first entries on my main page - so I will put them here.

THE "YEAR OF YES" KICK OFF - October 8th, 2010
New things tried by month:

October 2011:
1. New client.
2. Bowling with clients.
3. New second hand store.
4. Maple and twisted donuts (saw).
5. New second hand store *#2*.
6. Dead Island. Muahahahaha!

DETOX September 2011:
1. First day with new students! WOOT!
2. First day meeting foster kids! :D
3. Walked across town MF.
4. First transport.
5. Moses Lake and nearby area in WA.
6. Blue Palm. YUM!
7. Outdoor skating downtown WW. Oh GEEZ!
8. Lions Park
9. Rooks Park
10. First setting up of an OA meeting - no show. lol

August 2011:
1. Spin class in Walla Walla.
2. Apryl at my house! :D
3. Walk MF main w/JR, Apryl and Maia. :D
4. 65 lb bench press as an adult.
6. Swing by self. Eek. :D
7. "Outside" drills practice for derby.
8. PHS pool first time as an adult/high dive/waterslide.
9. Slides and high dive first time as an adult. :D
10. Mushroom fountain spray! :D
11. Bacon avacado wrap. :D Nom!
12. Dilly bar - first time as an adult.
13. Supervised bungee run/bounce volunteer.
14. "Swimming hole" with JR's fam.
15. Memorial with Dad and fam.
16. Sidewalk fair in Coos Bay with Dad.
17. Casino with Dad.
18. Bar with Dad.
19. "Yoga" with Mom.
20. Rolo McFlurry
21. Green pepper, bacon, garlic cream cheese. YUM!
22. Non-holiday Derby party! :D
23. Started LA job at HSTD. :D
24. Pickled egg. YUCK!
25. Drove on a back road with the windows down during a night thunder/lightening storm with the song, "Thunder Struck" ACDC BLARING!!!. AMAZING experience! :D

July 2011:
1. New mindset/belief system/motivation starting to develop.
2. Met some new folk on the Fourth.
3. Grilled pepper on turkey burger.
4. Broccoli noodle grape salad.
5. Honeydew tea. YUCK!
6. Fireworks in Corvallis! WOOOT! :D
7. Three cheese cream.
8. Sangria.
9. Eating right oat and chocolate bar.
10. First fireworks as an adult.
11. Grocery co-op. :D SUPER COOL!
12. Made orange glazed chicken.
13. WW WA OA Eh.
14. Made apple french toast.
15. Omelettes w/spinach.
16. Shooting with Angie's "boys".
17. Shot a Glock 9mm.
18. Shot a AR-15.
19. Shot a 22 Long Rifle.
20. Shot a 45.
21. Shot a 22 pistol.
22. Bought Maia on July 22nd. :D
23. Swing at YWCA. :D
24. Celebrating recovery meeting. Undecided.
25. Walking with JR and Maia. :D
26. Further down hiking trail with JR and Maia and Remus :D
27. Incident with a rattle snake! Eeek!
28. Homemade chicken mozzerella.
29. Homemade healthy meatballs.

June 2011:
1. Bowling with my students.
2.Circe's mushroom and sausage! SOOO GOOO! :D
3. Focco-tempeh-havarti sandwhich. :D
4. "Humus"
5. Written in the stars.
6. Shuffle! lol
7. Made twice-baked potatoes.
8. Made Two-Bean Tamale Pie
9. Teaching applications in SL.
10. New job. UGG. :(
11. Rode in a PO car. Woot!
11. Began abstinence on June 16th. :D

May 2011:
1. Night out and pool with Aunt Marilyn.
2. Organic white tea with spearmint. YUMMY! :D
3. McD's sweet tea.
4. Casino with mom.
5. Held an injured owl.
6. Drove the Spray loop.
7. Drove with so. lol ;)
8. Pool hall with mom.
9. Coos Bay tourist shop.
10. Time bomb shop.
11. "Chocolate" shop. Dumb.
12. Girls day out with Tammy.
13. Physical for job. LOL :D passed
14. BBQ with Shannon. Her new place. :D
15. Hear Me Out game at Shannon's.
16. Spent night at Shannon's.
17. Award ceremony for Shannon.
18. Horseback riding with my students. :)
19. Took mom skating! LOL :D
20. Drove a mini-school bus! Woot! Partay bus! :D

April 2011:
1. Yogurt icecream in Eugene.
2. French toast muffins.
3. Apples to Apples with Bro and Ash.
4. Pealed garlic.
5. Bowmont Park.
6. River Park.
7. First derby practice with Sick Town.
8. First kabobs as an adult. :)
9. Made fruity mint salad! YUMMM! :D
10. Stuff mushroom risotto.
11. Spinach with goat cheese.
12. Roasted walnuts and pecans. :D
13. Cantaloupe soup. :D Nom Nom!
14. Met Jesse, Arthur and Irene from Biggest Loser! :D
15. Oregon Caves National Monument :D
16. Beach with JR.
17. Kitchie shop Coos Bay.
18. Walked downtown Seattle.
19. Pike's Market.
20. Rode the monorail. :D
21. Space needle! :D
22. Pacific Science Center.
23. Plantetarium. So- so.
24. BUTTERFLY room. :D
25. Zeeks Pizza.
26. Swing in Seattle.
27. Drove downtown Seattle.
28. Jogged for the FIRST time on a treadmill.
29. Cheesecake factory in Seattle.
30. Rooftop outlook.
31. Silly cutout pictures.
32. Yogurt, granola, and blueberries.
33. The calm sense of "can".
34. Healthy slim jim. YUCK!
35. Vanilla dry pop.
36. Tomato soup with garlic.
37. Actually LIKED some shrimp.
38. Car card game.
39. Starting to let go of the past. :)
40. Rode a bike for the first time as an adult.
41. Bought OUTDOOR skates! :D
42. Tri-colored pasta salad.
43. Apple and bri-walnut salad.
44. Bean cassule.
45. Skating in parking lot with Circe.
46. First outside solo skating as adult.
47. Started work at AYA! :D
48. First time skating in Coquille as an adult.
49. First girl's night out with Tammy.
50. First extended stay with mom.
51. First Easter with family in adult life.
52. Virtual welder at AYA. :)
53. Lactose free milk. :D

March 2011:
1. Tried Terriyaki food.
2. Quit job.
3. Moved AGAIN.
4. Pancakes-cornmeal.
5. Tomato and basil sausage.
6. Tried new turkey, spinach, cranberry wraps.
7. CHILLI! Yummy!
8. First overeaters anonymous meeting. Interesting.
9. Carrot and humus. Hmmm...not bad.
10. POSTED on craigslist.
11. Tried Circe's kickboxing class. :)
12. Played with my nieces and nephews. :)
13. Roadhouse in Eugene.
14. ALL of Abs in P90X.
15. SOME Plyometrics in P90X.
16. SOME Yoga in P90X.
17. :)
18. Went to swing dance by myself! :D
19. Peanut butter and banana sandwhich - mmmmm.
20. Began volunteering with Girls on the Run. :D WOOT!
21. French toast with bananas and caramel sauce....mmmm. :)
22. Ooo Long Soup ??? Good :)
23. Yummy potato/garlic/chicken soup
24. New walk route in Salem
25. Pool
26. Blue Willow ---NUMMMMY!
27. Second Overaters Anonymous meeting
28. Found out about bungee. :(

February 2011:
1. WON the first week of the BL Challenge at work! Woot!
2. Signed up for bungee jumping! SO EXCITED! :D
3. First time dressing up for a bout. PIN UP GIRL! ;D
4. First real injury of derby. MAJOR sprained ankle. :(

January 2011! :
1. Rode a plastic bucking horse for the kiddies as an adult! lol
2. Started boxing!
3. New bar
4. New shirts
5. New necklace
6. New job
7. Joined BL Challenge at work
8. Started to track food daily
9. Went to court
10. WON the court cases! HOLLA!
11. Fell in love with salsa.
12. New key chain

1. Tried cheese stuffed meatballs. Yuuuum.
2. Had balloon hats made at Applebees. SOOO FUNNY! :D
3. Set up Christmas tree with Jeremy.
4. Attempted to be Jammer for the first time. GOOD GOD! :O
5. Went to my first "big girl" Christmas party. :D
6. First derby CROSS-training! WOOOOT!
7. Checked out Rebel Angel's - derby, cool store. :D
8. Made chicken/potato/salsa crock pot dish. Yum.
9. Got ROBBED! :(

1. Got my very first pair of quad speed skates. :D SO EXCITED!
2. FIRST derby practice!
3. Sweet Basil Pizza
4. Book store downtown
5. Candy/sweet store downtown
6. New Mexican place in town - YUCK!
7. Played broom ball!
8. Made bead melt-ables with the kiddies. :)
9. Stitches! Ewwww
10. Watched my first derby bout! HOLLLLA!
11. Quit the Y. Damn.
12. Got a DS! Yeaaaaah!

October: *Began working at the Y*
1. Horchata
2. Wii Fitness games
3. Zumba
4. Archery
5. Browsed the "organic" isle
6. Red velvet mixed drink -Stone Hut Grill
7. Drove a 14' Uhaul for the first time
8. Strawberry Cheese Cake mixed drink - Red Monkey
9. Signed up for Roller Derby! :D
10. Ballroom and Swing dancing with Jeremy :D
11. Journeys Church Service
12. Sub shop downtown
13. Helped weed an organic garden - took home some
sprigs of "mint" and "lemon" - so THAT'S where they
come from! ;)
14. Tried whole wheat vanilla wafers....nummy
15. Tried chai-ginger cookies...drool
16. Tried peanut-butter cream cookies - yuck!
17. Helped kids carve pumpkins! :D
18. Thai Food! :D
19. Iceburg Drive Up
21. Baked pumpkin bread! :D

UPDATE AS OF SEPT. 22nd, 2010
The Warrior Dash was so hard and so much fun! Am currently revamping my Spark and my attitude to get me BACK INTO THE GAME! WOOT!

UPDATE AS OF SEPT. 9th, 2010
Wow. What a hard few months it has been. Based on them and a little thing called reality, I am adjusting my goals to try to get to 256-250 by the end of this year. That is still quite a ways to go, but I am sure going to try. I am getting ready for my second 5K in a few days and am nervous! Eeek! Wish me luck! The process keeps going! Getting back on my feet!


I am currently 280ish pounds and am trying to get down to 225 by the end of this year. That's about 55 pounds in SEVEN months. I really hope I can do this. I have been slacking hard these last few months and I really want to meet this goal.

Am trying to stare down the chocolate monster.

He drools a lot...or is that me? Hmmmm...

UPDATE as of March 2010

I have 59 more pounds to go to reach my goal of losing 80 pounds this year! I am stoked! I can't wait until New Year's in New York with my fellow Sparkers! :D

If you wanna join...let me know!

Teaching is going great! I am IN LOVE with my job! I love the people I work with and my students. Life is good.

And it's getting better with every pound lost! WOOT!


I am currently looking for new friends, both in the Sparkpeople community and hopefully in person as well. I would love to have some workout buddies and even buddies just to hang out with.

I am tired of the way I am, and am looking for something different from within. 307 pounds, unhealthy, unhappy, a master's degree with nothing to show for it, friendless and heartbroken.

It is in this condition that I set out to begin my own life. A life that I, and I only, have created.

My own LifeGenesis.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Looks like you've defintiely had a year. I'm probably going to put together a list of things for 2012 that I've been meaning to do and absolutely do them. Still hashing it out mentally.

    You have my friendship if it's a blessing to you :)
    2359 days ago
    You always have meeeeee! And definitely not friendless. Although it makes it tough when you live in the middle of no where to work out together. Must come visit for blues. (IS that on your list?)

    You had so many incredible things happen this year. Living life is what you're doing. What is this new year's challenge?

    I remember, now can we go blow some stuff up? :D
    2359 days ago
    May God Bless You and Keep You!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2361 days ago
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