Scale Successes - Sometimes They Are Your Friend

Saturday, November 05, 2011

many of us have strange relationships with our bathroom scales - but that isn't what this blog is about

this is about a scale that can not only be a great companion, but a best friend

your kitchen scale


mine sits on the counter, welcoming me every time I come into the kitchen

it never judges, it just tells me what I need to know

and it makes my life much easier

before I started using a kitchen scale, I eye-balled, especially if I didn't feel like pulling out my measuring cups that day - or I would patiently count out crackers and other piece-type snacks

but now, my eyes on every package head right for the serving size on the nutrition label

if you are thinking about getting a kitchen scale, invest in an electronic one, I had a spring one for awhile because it was cheap, but the extra $15 you spend to get an electronic one is well worth the ability to tare weight (put on a container and zero out, then add the food)

I also do the same with bread, put it on, zero it out, and then add my peanut butter - much easier than using a tablespoon and trying to clean it after

weighing my food has really helped keep me on track and to be even more honest with myself than mere tracking could do - because it is so easy to track 1/2 cup of ice cream and have 1 cup in the bowl, but if you weigh it, well, there is no question :)
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