Slap in the Face and Punch in the Gut

Friday, November 04, 2011

So I had my yearly physical this week and found it awkward and crushing. At this point in my life and especially after having my son, being up on the examining table in a skimpy robe doesn't phase me. I also wasn't surprised to learn that I had to get my cholesterol and glucose levels checked. Having PCOS causes a predisposition towards heart disease and diabetes so this is normal. And finally getting a diagnoses and script for my athlete's foot was relieving after suffering through it for over a year. But what really irked me was the doctor herself. This was the first visit with a new doctor, but I thought, how different could it be from what I've been used to for the past decade?
Well, very! She wouldn't look at me except for when she did my physical exam. She kept looking at the computer and typing information while asking ME to watch and verify what I said was correct or not. REALLY? I'm not a medical doctor! If I describe my conditions and you type in your chicken scratch it's not my job to make sure it makes sense. I can't read that medical jargon!
Regardless, as she was going through my family history and typing all my info, she casually said, "And you have some weight to lose because you are obese." For all the hard work I've been doing these past months with Spark's help, it sure didn't make a difference to her! No, she didn't ask or know if I've recently lost weight. At this point I just wanted to leave because of how awkward it all felt. I mentally brushed her off, but she came back with a 4 page primer on what to do to lose weight. Small potatoes to what I can learn here on Spark and nothing compared to what I learned in school. All she could reference is how lucky I am to have my son because PCOS comes with such a high risk for miscarriage and infertility. Well, this I know, but still doesn't detract from the fact that I experience a body that doesn't want to lose fat!! Just because I was able to get pregnant doesn't mean I can lose weight like normal people!! HAVING A BABY DOESN'T SET EVERYTHING RIGHT!! I work out til I literally get sick (i.e. this past week or so) and eat a great diet and all I get is "you're obese". Not any questions as to whether I know how to eat or if I work out.
Whatever! Fact is the doctor looked like she had several pounds she could do without herself.
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    You should see if you can go to a edicrinologist. I was referred to that from a couple dr's ago at the clinic in Eagan. And they test your hormones and stuff to help with weight loss. But I never got a chance to go there and see what it was about. I do believe they specialize in PCOS.
    Maybe you could switch clinics or also ask for a dr that specialized in PCOS???

    Dr's are stupid when they treat patients like you got treated. I mean you tell them your problems but then they are supposed to help you from there. You cannot diagnose yourself! Unless that is what it has come too. Just research on the internet. But even then you have to to the dr because you need a prescription for somethings!

    But even now specialists are better because obviously they specialize in certain things. And you can't go to a reg dr anymore unless you need just regular stuff and regular check ups. Another option is checking an internist. They are good too.

    I had one in Mankato. And he found my gallstones. So they can be good too. And you have to get your glucose and cholesterol checked every year because of mom and her heart problems and our family heart history (which is mostly on her side I believe). I have done that in the past few years. It is not bad if you dont care about needles and dont mind a little pin prick. I got used to anyway.
    2356 days ago
    Ouch! What an inconsiderate doctor! I hope you can realize that it's her and not you! Don't let her derail you on your goals or negate the progress you have mad. You are stronger than that!
    2357 days ago
    Oh hun, what a terrible experience with your new doctor! She obviously has few social skills - or maybe we should give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she was having a really bad day?! Whatever, don't let her insensitive remarks and attitude detract from the fact that you and your Spark friends know how well you're doing. See the experience as a marker and really show her on your next visit that you're achieving so much.
    2357 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    Sorry you had such a brush off approach from your new doctor. You should have told her what you have been doing with eating and exercising. But, I have had only one doctor that actually said to me that all the medications I take each day, MAY have some affect on having problems losng weight. I exercise and eat well too and just don't have results in losing weight. However, I know I am healthier than I was before I joined sparks and that does help ease the pain of being told you just eat to much or you need to lose weight.
    2357 days ago
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