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Friday, November 04, 2011

I have a question...I have switched to a product called Stevia in the is a brand just like Truvia is a brand. But Stevia in the Raw I noticed has Dextrose in it. I finally read the ingredients due to a recent conversion.
So is Stevia in the Raw really any better than regular table sugar? And which ever the answer may be...what is the explanation that lie behind the answer? I have tried just regular Stevia but hate the bitter taste. Where as the brand Stevia in the Raw tastes more like sugar which I assume is due to the Dextrose? I made the switch about 2 years ago but now am curious if I really made a good choice or did I just switch from one bad choice to another?

Am I better off using regular sugar or the Stevia with Dextrose?
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    I tend to use real sugar in moderation and/or honey. I don't eat enough of it to really matter. Very interesting discussion!
    3442 days ago
    I have tried Stevia in different forms, but just can't tolerate that aftertaste! It ruins my coffee! I haven't tried the Stevia in the Raw, but probably won't because of my previous experiences. I use Splenda in my coffee and tea now, and am happy with it. I still drink too much of these beverages to go to sugar, don't like the taste of honey in coffee. I love honey or molasses on my hot cereal and in some of my baking, but not with everything, so sugar is still a necessity in my house. I use homemade jam on pancakes and sometimes in my yogurt, if I don't have any fruit on hand and I also love Greek yogurt!

    Thanks for starting this conversation. I'll be following it to see what others have to say.

    3453 days ago
    Flutterofstars...ALL thoughts are welcome. I like using my Stevia. Which Stevia in the Raw is a trade marked brand name like Kellogg's for example. They have a store online called Stevia in the Raw and sell just a few other products in the same type category.
    It's just that I started asking myself if I was really making a difference since it has Dextrose in it. But you make an excellent point in how much Dextrose is in it?

    If it is a beneficial change then Yay for me. If not then hmmmmm.
    3455 days ago
    I'll be brave and admit to taking the opposite position: I honestly think that artificial sweeteners aren't that bad. My Mom has been using them her entire life - they don't cause the high glucose / insulin spike that calorie sugars cause (like table sugar, honey, molasses, etc - all of those are digested by your body in similar ways). Without the big shifts in glucose and insulin, you're less likely to have the energy spike/crash, and rapid return of hunger, that you have with the calorie sugars.

    I use splenda regularly, and it's helping me with my weight loss. Every calorie counts, for me! I've also heard that stevia has some benefits over splenda, so I'm considering switching, if I try it and like the taste OK. I'm surprised that your Stevia in the Raw has dextrose (which is glucose) - is it a special "baking blend" that's meant to be half stevia, half dextrose? Or, does it say that it's 0 calories? If it's 0 calories, maybe the dextrose is only a miniscule amount (in order to help the crystals form, for example), but not enough to actually hurt your diet.
    3455 days ago
  • BET212
    I'm still struggling with this myself and will probably go back to natural sugar in limited quantities. On the Fage, it has a very smooth taste to me, not bitter, so it does taste good with fruit or a little honey. It also has a good amount of protein per serving, 23g per 1 cup. The plain is good as a substitute for all or part of the mayo or sour cream in recipes.
    3455 days ago
    I use evaporated cane juice - it is sweet without the chemicals. I struggled with getting rid of my Splenda (chemical poison) as I LOVED the 0 calories! But decided that I would rather do a little extra work and have something real in my body. I do use stevia liquid drops in my hot tea though if it needs sweetened.
    3455 days ago
    So it sounds like honey and molasses are good. I always thought honey was the worst for us. But I would rather add honey to my tea or yogurt than stevia. And I am not familiar with Fage yogurt. I get Yoskos or Chobani. I will look for this Fage because if I can find one I like without the sweetener, even better. I also eat Greek yogurt.
    3455 days ago
  • TEKRU1
    The information from my doc suggests that you can use blackstrap molasses or honey as you use sugar. They do say that there is a taste-bud "re-education" process, so I"m thinking the flavor of molasses takes some getting used to. They suggest trying date sugar for a crystalline sugar.
    3455 days ago
    Well, I live in Sugar Beet country, so i personally prefer real sugar to substitutes. I think either way, or whether it's fructose, dextrose, sucrose, etc. or from honey, maple syrup,
    molasses, or whatever, it's moderation that counts. I like fruit in my plain yogurt, but I also sometimes have a little honey in the yogurt. I am quite fond of Greek yogurt now and the Fage plain tastes really good to me with no sweetener, but with a bit of fruit.
    3455 days ago
  • TEKRU1
    Joining the sugar confusion club. My chiropractor (and natural food nut/coach) recommends using raw, unfiltered honey or blackstrap molasses. I'm trying to get off the sugar/artificial sweetener train too.
    3456 days ago
    Aye, this is something I'm struggling with too, so I'm going to be coming back to read the responses you get. I'm beginning to get to the point where I think real sugar is better than the artificial sweeteners or substitutes. The fewer chemicals the better, right? There are 16 calories in a teaspoon of sugar. That's few enough and I use little enough, that I think I'd rather make room in my daily calorie allowance (or do a minute of jumping jacks to offset it) for the real stuff.

    As far as yogurt, I've been mixing frozen (not with syrup) strawberries in with my yogurt in the blender and having it that way. I get the big tubs of plain yogurt and do a big amount at a time and then save it in the frige for when I want it later.
    3456 days ago
    What about in plain yogurt? I find it difficult to eat without a sweetener. Do you add anything to your yogurt?
    3456 days ago
  • LUGNUT_9754
    In my opinion Stevia/Truvia and all other substitutes are just as bad (and sometimes worst) than table sugar. I'm addicted to sugar and addicted to anything sweet. I'm slowly trying to use apple sauce (unsweetened) and honey to sweeten my baking. The more natural the better!
    3456 days ago
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