Carb Overload - TMI

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Has anyone ever experienced this? Is so - please send me a shout out so I don't think I'm a freak of nature.

This all started on Monday of this week. I got home from work and was scrounging around for something to eat. I found some whole wheat pasta, a can of fat free chicken mushroom soup. Hmmmm... I should apply to be on Chopped because I can make a meal out almost anything.

I had leftover roasted chicken from a few days earlier and some laughing cow lite Swiss cheese. So I made my own version of chicken pasta and it was delicious. It was so good that I had two servings for dinner that night. I took some to work for lunch the next day and had it for dinner on the second night.

So here's where things started to get ugly. I hope you're keeping up because we're now on Tuesday of this week.

I get up Wednesday morning and had Steele Cut Oatmeal and a toasted bagel thin. I had my chicken pasta for lunch...again. By now my tummy is feeling a little weird and there was a lot of rumbling going on .....down below. Let's just say I was a little ummmm windy. It was so bad that I had to leave my office and go for a power walk.

I felt a lot better during the walk and I truly felt bad for anyone who was behind me but it's better out than in. On the way back to the office I walked by StarBucks...big mistake. I walked in and ordered a soy tall Chai Tea and ....are you ready for this! I ordered a piece of that devilish iced lemon pound cake. Man - that stuff clocks in at 490 calories but I had to have it.

I go back to my desk and preceded to polish off every bit of my cake and Chai Tea.
Oh - My - Goodness. I was crawling out of the office by 5pm and had to do butt clinches during the 25 minute ride on BART to my car. It was the longest ride of my life.

I get to my car and rolled all the windows down and turned the music up.
Thank goodness DH was not home because things did not get any better. I was lighting incense opening windows. My furbabies were scared..and they like smelly things but this was not to be played with.

I did not eat anything the rest of the evening but drank a ton of water. DH slept on the sofa...which was fine by me.

Thank goodness mother nature kicked in and I lost 1.5 in the bathroom. I've never been so happy in my life. Ran to the scale to check my weight...yep 1.5 drop exactly.

Whew....I won't be doing that again anytime soon. Once you've trained your body and you have become accustomed to eating a certain way - your body will let you know when you've screwed up.

Keep on Sparking...and watch out for the Carbs.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hilarious! I'm wondering where you are. What is a BART? From context I could tell it was a mode of transport but I've never heard of it.
    3224 days ago
    emoticon as you know laughter is a good medicine. Girl, you are on point. I think that must have happen to so many of us, nut it is so funny when you have to read it. emoticon . I know your belly was glad to release what is not to be in there for too long. If you had to stand in the BART that would have been a good time to let go some, as people would have been moving away and you would get a seat emoticon emoticon
    3238 days ago
    ..rolling on the floor laughing my butt off. You are mess...for real. Lmbo

    Lesson learned: Too much of anything isn't good for you! The body (not your belly) needs portion control.
    3239 days ago
    emoticon Too funny.

    3241 days ago
  • SWTONU2000
    LOL.. You are so silly! I'm going telling Nessa not to eat pasta with you this weekend.

    3242 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10228624
    Sounds like your body was giving you a heads up on not putting those kinds of things back into your body.LOL..I noticed that when I try to sneak in a little cheese..Look's just not worth it emoticon No more eating pizza with the kids on the weekend for me..i think it's great that our bodies let us know these things!! Glad your feeling better!! Have a most wonderful day!!
    3242 days ago
    Been there done that!! But sometimes you need you body to tell you that you still need the good food and don't get silly with food cause he will get revenge on you. Glad you are feeling better!
    3243 days ago
    OK, now that I have stopped laughin, ok maybe I havent. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!! The clinch----priceless! Girl, this is hilarious. Yea, we have all had those days, when we wanted to work from home--ALONE. I can only imagine the faces of those people who walked out right after you passed by. LOL! I really needed this laugh. Thank you so much.

    Keep Sparkin' (not literally for you-gas is flammable LOL!)
    3243 days ago
    My Lawd, I needed that laugh! I'm still wiping my eyes. Believe me, you are not alone. I learned my lesson the hard way too. I just decided to blame my "silent killers" on somebody else. emoticon
    3243 days ago
    Hahahaha GROSS! I had a few days there where I could clear a room myself. I was eating too much bran flake cereal. I think there's a certain kind of fiber (maybe insoluble?) that makes me gassy. I also get that way if I eat too many fiber-added foods vs. foods that naturally contain fiber.
    3243 days ago
    You're not alone...I've been there LOL
    3243 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1540230

    Glad you're feeling better now!

    And amen to getting your body accustomed to eating "right." As soon as you steer off that path, your body will tell you!
    3243 days ago
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