Thankful for Thursday!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

It's already Thursday! Yay! And I'm 1/8 of the way through my day. This week has been draggggggggging by for some reason. Probably because I'm anxious for Thanksgiving to get here. My fave holiday of the whole year, so I always start getting excited as soon as it's November 1st!

Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment. Everything is right on track. She went over our birth plan, signed off on it, and answered all of our questions that we had at the time. It was hubby's first time meeting the new doctor and he really liked her. I have another appointment in 2 weeks, when we'll either do or schedule an ultrasound to check the position of the baby. I'm 99% sure it's head-down, but she wants to check around 30 weeks and then again at 36 weeks.

My CASA court was also on Tuesday; they scheduled mediation for January 12 (my due date is the 21) and then trial on February 15. I'm hoping I'll be able to go to mediation and then have the baby after that, then be okay enough to go to trial in February. Could have been worse timing, but definitely could have been better as well.

After all that on Tuesday, I went to Motherhood Maternity to look for some clothes. I didn't really find anything I like. I tried on 3 dresses--all looked *weird* and a pair of jeans. I bought the jeans, yay! I have one pair already, but they're dressier and quite long (for wearing heels) so I wanted a pair that were more casual and shorter so I could wear flats or go barefoot in them. And they were on sale for $15 so it was like $21 total for them. Pretty good seeing as how my other preggo jeans were $35 I think.

I didn't get the bathtubs cleaned like I'd planned to, but I did clean the rest of the house. Leaning over the bathtub with this big ole' belly just doesn't sound appealing. I have some spray stuff that you just spray on, wait for 5 minutes or something, and then rinse off, but I still like to actually scrub the tubs to make sure the....germs?... are all gone. Maybe I'll convince hubby to clean them for me. No one's been able to take a bath in probably a month because I haven't scrubbed them well. The spray stuff does a good job of cleaning them, but I still won't let anyone take a bath unless they're good and scrubbed. Maybe he'll clean them tomorrow after work so I can take a bath on Saturday morning...motivation to go for a nice long walk. (:

Other than that, just being busy busy this week. It is DRAGGING on and I'm so tired this week, but it's almost Friday. We don't have DSS tomorrow night, so we're going to go downtown for a little bit, then come home and go to bed early. DH thinks he's working on Saturday (boo for waking up early, yay for money) which means I will wake up earlier than I'd like, but I can take a guilt-free nap if I wake up early and workout. I guess it's a win-win situation.

Oh Halloween, I almost forgot! DSS was a chicken. His costume turned out so cute! He got so many compliments on it. He got really frieked out by all the costumes, so we didn't stay long. Plus he was pretty tired so that didn't help either. He got some candy, but not a whole lot, and nothing tempting which is good for me. He did get one baby Heath bar, which I already ate, and the rest was mainly tootsie rolls and tootsie pops. I think tootsies are extremely disgusting, I don't know how people eat them, but we threw a lot out (extremely shady looking) and he ate a few pieces. The rest will probably go in the trash too. I feel bad throwing out candy, but no one really wants all that junk. I'm glad most houses only gave him one or two little pieces. At the firestation they gave him two huge handfuls of stuff--all tootsies--and I was thinking "goodness, he's only 4. He doesn't need all that junk!" I'm just glad Halloween is over. I don't like the holiday and we don't need the candy. (:

I guess that's about it. I'm off to trudge through another day here at the office. We are super UNbusy so I've really had nothing to do the past couple of days. Not that I like it when we're super busy, but I wish there were a happy medium. (:

Countdown to baby: 79 days +/-

Keep up the hard work, friends. You all inspire me!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    cute costume!! i love thanksgiving too :)

    3511 days ago
    Glad to hear things are going well! Yay for guilt free naps! :)
    3513 days ago
    I never got an ultrasound to determine the baby's position... my doctor always just pushed around on my belly to determine that... huh... must be the difference between the US and Canada. Enjoy the ultrasound - one last look at the babe before she's born (for some reason I believe it's a girl... did I read that somewhere because going back through your blog posts, I can't find where I picked that up...)

    3514 days ago
    You certainly have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...
    So do we all, if we will just look for them, I guess...
    3514 days ago
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