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Things I learned about myself today

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I value honesty and loyalty above everything else. I found out that my bosses have been lying about his having a serious illness. It was all a lie. I am not going to go into what is really going on but I am furious and I am disgusted someone would make up a story and make people worry about them and play our sympathy. She sat in meetings and cried and it was all a lie. I can forgive people for mistakes but once I don't trust them anymore I can never get it back. It is just how I am wired. I am putting all my effort into helping my friend get his business going. I do think he is an honest person and even if I have to get a second job this will be a better thing for me.
I also learned that as much as I enjoy sharing things with people on SP it has its purpose and I was expecting too much. I need to use my other blog to share my love of food and other interests in my life. The commonality we all have here is weight loss. What we share is a good thing. I need to find another outlet for my writing as well.
The last thing I learned today is that I am good at what I do professionally. I had a meeting with potential clients, some I had worked with before, and they said very nice things about my work ethic and talents. It made me think about how I let fear keep me working for other people and I need to take the leap and really focus on some personal goals in my life. I can not let fear hold me back. It is not normal or healthy to be so upset about going to work that you choke on bile every single Sunday night from the stress. This is my time.
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  • PJH2028
    Thank you for this. It's right where I am today, too. I let fear keep me from taking steps... (even little ones!)

    Take "the leap and really focus on some personal goals in my life. I can not let fear hold me back. . . . This is my time."

    This is our time! Green Lights and Brava! for hearing all the real good true feedback about YOU!

    2996 days ago
    There must be something seriously wrong with your boss's life if she's going to lie about being sick to cover up the real issues. Wow. That's just insane!

    Good luck with your endeavors. Please share the address for your food blog on my sparkpage so I can add you to my following list.
    2996 days ago
    You have to wonder what people are thinking. To lie about a serious illness like that. That's just WRONG!

    It's your time to shine Ashely! You can do it!
    2996 days ago
    Wow, I don't get it. Why lie about having an illness?

    I am glad that you are moving forward with your other options!
    2997 days ago
    This is your time to SHINE! Helping your friend sounds like a great idea and I think you will thrive in an environment where YOU are in control! I can't wait to hear more. (((hugs)))
    2997 days ago
    The time has come to jump off the crazy ship into a sea of happiness and being sane !!!! You can do it, go for it.
    2997 days ago
    Sounds like the boss lying is just the nudge you needed to make some positive changes for yourself. Good luck!!
    2997 days ago
    This is your time Ash. These are some amazing things you learned this week, and I agree with you 100%. I am the same, once I no longer trust someone it is over. You deserve so much better, a better place to grow and learn and take charge and be the superstar that you are. I hope everything works out for you and that these next few months, though challenging, are going to be rewarding! Love you! Hugs.
    2997 days ago
  • ERIN4771
    pretty pathetic someone would lie about a serious illness!!! wtf are people thinking sometimes?! glad to hear you are going to be helping your friend's business!! that is awesome! and from here on out, you can't doubt the serious talent you have for what you do my friend, you are awesome!!
    2997 days ago
    I think going to work for your friend will be a great step away from people who obviously have serious issues!
    2997 days ago
    Terrible about your boss! Glad you have some options to look into and get away from the drama.
    2997 days ago
    those are all good things my friend. You are a loyal and honest person yourself so good things will come! Karma will find them, too, by the way.
    2997 days ago
    Your boss is just foul! I;m so glad you're finding what makes you happy! *HUGS*
    2997 days ago
    Yes, down with bile! JUMP in the deep end!
    2997 days ago
    Eeesh, what a mess.! I agree, you deserve better.
    2997 days ago
    Wow. I can't believe someone would just make up a serious illness! What kind of lousy person do you have to be to intentionally manipulate people's emotions in that way! I hope you won't have to work for them for much longer. You deserve better!
    2997 days ago
    Wow. That is just sad. I could see a co-worker lying, but a BOSS, just horrific. People are so shady and wanting attention these days. I'm glad things are going better for you. Just the way you talk, I see that you have some amazing skills, I hope things look up for you work wise!
    2997 days ago
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