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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Warning! I'm talking about bodily functions!

I've discovered that there is a downside to eating healthy.... GAS!

I've had pretty bad gas for a few months now, I thought it was directly related to the increase in beans I've been consuming. However I tried to decrease my bean intake and I was still gassy. My sister/roommate who eats what I cook also expressed more gas than I was used to.

So I decided to look into it tonight and discovered that whole grains and many vegetables and legumes were causes of gas. Now I knew that these things had more fiber and that I could expect to be more Ehem... Regular and I was fine with that, however the gas thing has been very embarrassing and sometimes stinky. I looked into the mayo clinic and while informative it was slightly frustrating to see that the foods I eat the most are the foods that are causing me to be gassy. I then looked into the lifestyle and home remedies I could try recommended by the mayo clinic and they suggest the following:

Eating smaller meals: Check been doing that
Eat slowly: Constantly working on this
Avoid drinking through a straw: This is how I get my 8 cups in! DARN
Don't eat when anxious, upset or busy: THE STORY OF MY LIFE!
Check your dentures: Not really an issue for me yet...
Don't smoke: I'm good here
Exercise: A pretty regular occurrence for me.

So I looked online, talked to my mom and found some home remedies for gas. It appears as though peppermint can reduce gas, so I'm going to try taking a peppermint pill and see if that helps. I hope it provides me with some relief. I am curious though, has anybody else experienced these issues?
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    Supposedly the more you eat healthy and the more stuff works out out of the system, the more the gas works its way on out. I find myself gassier when I "relapse" - go from healthy one or two days with all the lovely beans and veggies and then relapse and have a white flour pizza. Pizza, in this case for me, kinda turns into concrete and so then the next day when I repent and eat more beans or veggies, it digests quicker again but has to work up against the pizza or whatever other white flour "concrete" (usually all the yummy sweets and comfort foods that harden into "concrete" inside my guts... sad but true!)... It's just that I'm so wildly inconsistent that way. I do find that having fairly regular (every few days after I've had a "concrete food episode" drinking some fruit juice with olive oil (or drinking it straight if it's a good quality EVOO that hasn't yet gone rancid on me) seems to help rotor rooter past the "concrete" and let the gas get on through.

    Peppermint really helps me though, in a pinch. I use it in various forms - peppermint teas (or their milder cousins Spearmint tea, or if you really like intense mint rush, wintergreen but it is STRONG!)... or I will get the peppermint essential oils, preferring the kind made with grain alcohol so it can be mixed into water - that really seems to help. But if not, the cheaper peppermint oils can't be consumned internally but it's okay to sniff it or I'll rub a few drops into the sides of my tummy like the right side etc and that seems to help, or if I'm really in distress like upper tummey where "heartburn" hurts etc... sniffing it helps me too. It's all good - basically the body recognizes that there is peppermint in the vacinity and it crosses the skin/blood barrier and is taken to the guts where it does it's little anti- gas magic.

    I've also had good results with "Swedish Bitter" - can get it at the health food store, different brands, they all seem to have similar herbs that help reduce gassiness, stuff like fennel, dandylions, any of the mint family etc.

    I'll look in my health herbal books if you want...

    WOOOAH gotta go, earthquake about an hour ago, forgot to send this earlier....
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