Team MUSIC MAKERS...What I'm doing currently for November

Monday, October 31, 2011

emoticon and emoticon To my blog for Team MUSIC MAKERS! ~ My Journey through the Month of November and what I can accomplish in that time with my Vocals.

My name is Lynn or Lynnie ( A.K.A PiscesRyche) emoticon

I'm a HUGE LOVER OF MUSIC!! VERY PASSIONATE AND EMOTIONAL ABOUT IT. IT'S A PART OF MY BEING, MY "SELF". emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm a singer/trained vocalist emoticon Not many emoticons to choose from that look like "singing". This looks like the crazy version but all us vocalists know we gotta make some strange faces and mouth movements when were singing at times! So I guess it is appropriate!

To give you a better understanding of my music style, I'll explain as briefly as I can, what I can achieve and do normally.(Forgive me if it gets a bit long, I like detail and it's important if I'm talking esp about Music emoticon)

I'm just now getting back into singing, which hasn't been much at all lately. I'm just diving head first into it. Full force this time, kids, job, husband, house, bills, and not letting myself being stopped (or using it as an excuse) anymore by everyday life. This is my dream since I was 2 yrs old, and it's time.
Too much time has passed already and I let everyone else do their thing before I took my turn. I have done performances here and there but not nearly enough of what I want to do. After all, my major in college was Music turned into Singing and Acting but my life decided to take a different turn and I had to stop my education. emoticon

When I'm preparing to perform I usually practice to the band Journey. Steve Perry is my range and excellent practice for me. I don't start out hitting the notes, but it's what I can get myself up to, it's easier to explain it this way, to help you understand my range better, because I'm not as blessed as many of you are. I cannot read or write music.
My last teacher said I was an alto/soprano. I can hit a high C and a bit higher but don't quote me because I cannot remember to tell you the truth. My last lessons were a few years ago.
Even though I can sing that high, I don't prefer it. Only if needed.
I LOVE emoticon to listen, and sing to, heavy metal, hard rock, classic rock and than I love listening and singing to the following (My vocal range can range from any of these artists, some a bit more challenging than others), Barbara Streisand (my idol from childhood. I want to perfect my voice in the way she is able to sing as smooth, emotionally, effortlessly and beautifully as she does),
Neil Diamond, Peabo Bryson, The Beatles, Dave Draimen,Etta Jones,Linda Ronstadt, John Secada, DIO, Annie Lennox, Geoff Tate, Karen Carpenter, David Coverdale, Jack Black (YES Jack Black! He can sing, for those of you who haven't heard) Tony Braxton, Rob Halford, Tina Turner and Sarah Mclachlan, Patsy Cline to name a "few" and to give you again a better example of what I am able to do with hard work and have done. With hard work!
emoticon emoticon

* (I included many more images of the singers who have inspired me throughout my lifetime at the bottom of this blog..so far...)

As you can see I'm very diverse in my tastes. I basically love all types of music. From ELO to Ice-T to Queen. Now Freddie Mercury was a FANTASTIC singer! I especially have a soft spot for original artists. We are a dying breed and I do my best in my knowledge of marketing and promoting to keep it alive. But we all know in this music industry, in America, it's very hard for us.

So I always pictured myself to be a lounge singer, lol, I know sounds cheesy. Like the movie "The Fabulous Baker Boys" and lay across the piano and sing, like Michelle Pfeiffer, while the dueling "Bridges" pianists play to/for me!


I also can "Rock Out" and "Bring It" on stage when needed. I used to have terrible stage fright but that has gone from terrible to a bit nervous.
Thank the Lord! emoticon

So..here starts my blogging for November (I hope I didn't bore you with my "detailed ranting"!)

11/3/11 I found myself singing to the band, Disturbed, in my car and very well I might add! Great outlet for my emotions! emoticon emoticon

I will sing/write just about anything I can; already done or made up! emoticon

I've been practicing just a little more each day. When I'm at the gym and have my Ipod on I practice on my breathing, even though I'm trying so hard not to sing out loud! emoticon It's really HARD!

Thank God for that Ipod because the music I have on there gets me through a very tough workout, because, and I cannot express enough, how much I cannot stand the music they play at the gym!

emoticon Ugh it kills me! It's all that bubble gum, commercialized crap. Than again that is my opinion but it's a strong one! emoticon

In fact I had to exercise to that "crap" til I went out and bought ear buds for my Ipod. When I got them, I was so excited emoticon and I worked out so much harder and much more fulfilled! emoticon

Unfortunately my I pod was stolen today along with my GPS from my car. One door was left half unlocked, door wasn't shut all the way and the button wasn't pushed all the way in. People can be so selfish and thoughtless. emoticon

Weird thing is they took my I pod, that had to be unplugged from a connection wire, didn't touch my stereo, but went into a bag I keep all of my electronic "stuff" in and that's where the GPS was. My husbands of course! So now mine is his. Since he travels all over for work.

I was so upset, I cried. emoticon emoticon
Sounds silly to a lot of people, but I cried because my music is SO important to me. It has gotten me through so many hard times when I had no place else to turn.

emoticon emoticon emoticon
It eases my mind, soul, helps me relax and lets me get out my aggression and anger as well. The Ipod can be replaced. I don't care about the actual device, I care about the care I put into it. All the songs that inspire me, make me feel deeply, rock out as loud as I possibly can and sentimental songs very close to my heart. I had it arranged for, ME. Being a stay at home mom, my car and the gym are my only escape. That is where I listen to my music and do most of my practicing.

However one good thing came out of it. There is a C D player in my stereo with a C D in it. My favorite band Queensryche. emoticon
( Hence the Ryche at the end of my profile name)
I SANG MY LUNGS OUT with it and let the emotions fly as they may. I used so much power in my soul, and physical being I wore myself out. So I had a great vocal workout today.
emoticon emoticon

Now I just need to get another Ipod, I can't afford, and put all my music back on there!

*Spark needs more musical emoticons on here...just a thought I had! emoticonAnyone else agree? emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

*Some (A LOT OF) Photos of the Artists I Admire~For your enjoyment. At least I hope you do!

Linda Ronstadt
Annie Lennox
Geoff Tate
Rob Halford
Neil Diamond
Toni Braxton
Jack Black
Freddie Mercury
Etta Jones
Steve Perry
Ice-T SarahMclachlan
The Beatles
Tina Turner
Dave Draimen

This Picture, as well as the picture beneath it, is a good depiction of the way I write. It's always emotional, passionate, soulful. Sometimes depressing and hopeless, loving, nurturing and just "FEELING" .

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow All of your comments made my day!!! Much emoticon To you all! I wish I could perform with each and everyone of you!!!
    MCGS62 I'm sorry! It's true though! N yeah a Right hand guitar would be cool and where are the drums, mics, bass's, keys?? We should start a rally!

    INCITYANGEL I wish we lived closer too. We do have a lot in common. Maybe we can visit one day!?

    PUDLECRAZY You are so right about the core muscles! And thanks for that emoticon of me singing lounge! LOL That was funny!
    Keep it up everybody!!!
    Music brings us together!
    3314 days ago
  • MCGS62
    DARN YOU !!! I was in to all the cool singers you were talking about but then the pierced heart pic made my eyes water at work.

    keep the faith--- emoticon and mor music icons how about a right handed guitar
    3315 days ago
    SO we're music soulsistas too! I sing everything too. I'm just learning to write music and I collect guitars but I can barely play LOL. Music is everything to me also it is the only way I know how to express myself. I have a gym here in my condo complex and when i'm in there i'm always alone so thats where I do my belting out! I love all music but country is my least favorite. Pink is my all time favorite and Sheryl Crow, Sarah Mclachlan, I prefer music thats more original but I like normal pop also its really fun to imitate Britney lol. I also love old music like Etta james and billie holiday. My dream was to always be a headliner and sing to the masses of fans cheering me on. Too bad we live far apart, it would be really cool to work together and create some great music.
    3315 days ago
    I love all that you added to this blog. Is that you singing in the top picture? Looking good!

    I am so glad you are starting up singing again. I am discovering how my core exercises are improving my singing - I have more energy from my core to deliver the force needed to project and stay on key. Just another way that staying fit and healthy can improve our music... so wonderful!

    Yes, we need a singing emoticon... that would be great. I am glad they have some music emoticons, though.

    Have a wonderful day.

    emoticon (You singing a funny sexy lounge song)
    3315 days ago

    Warm up those vocal chords and sing!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3322 days ago
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