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Eat, eat eat, eat eat eat eat.. ugh

Monday, October 31, 2011

I could eat from morning to night. Something is up, and I don't know what. I've even considered buying hypnotic tapes to listen to at night. I just can't seem to eat enough food to be satisfied. It's not the hunger, I know that, but I can't pinpoint what it is, and every time I'm having a good day, where I'm doing excellent, something happens (usually at home with the hubby). He says that we will start back up at the end of November - after my bday and thanksgiving. I have been trying to curb things now anyway. It's just so dam hard, and now that it's cold, I want to eat and hibernate. My whole body is aching and screaming in various pains, mostly from this cold weather - and it's not even winter here yet. My legs stiffen up, mostly my ankles and feet wont bend when they are cold. My knees don't bother me much, mostly my ankles, hands, elbows, and neck. I'm rearranging my computer room again so I can open up my treadmill in there. I've been colder than previous years though, it's so weird. And cold makes me want to sleep. So I'm going to really try and get some exercise in to help me warm up and stay limber, it just seems so difficult. I'm taking extra vit-d now that I'm not out in the warm sun, melatonin so I fall to sleep perfectly, magnesium to help with the migraines. My doc gave me provigil for the chronic fatigue stuff/sleep apnea stuff - but I don't like the way I feel on that. I'd rather take a half a five hour energy. The provigil is very weird and makes me very add/adhd, ranging from hyper focus to shifting can't focus on one thing. I even lost my wallet, forgot my work badge, etc. on the stuff. No thank you. I slept almost the whole weekend and still feel tired today. And it's not from thyroid or anything they can pinpoint as the cause. Just tellin me I have MS, Central & Obstructive Apnea, and that is causing chronic fatigue syndrome. Gee thanks. So Eat & Sleep is all I wanna do. Well, I'm forcing myself to not give in. And I have three miniature tangerines at my desk for when I want to eat. I've portioned out everything for work, it's just so hard.
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  • PSKIPPY7811
    So glad you're here. I missed you!

    2421 days ago
    Do not pass go and get thee to a Sleep Study like YESTERDAY and get a CPAP or BiPAP to correct that Apnea and you will be like a NEW WOMAN!

    I know DH means well, but you can't let yourself go for a whole MONTH and THEN get down to business. Keep at it, but realize that you are just SWIMMING SO HARD UPSTREAM until you correct your apnea!

    With proper blood oxygenation you will feel so REVITALIZED! I am speaking from experience! Yes using either a CPAP or BIPAP is tough stuff. My pulmonologist said "What's the problem? It's only like trying to fall asleep with your head hanging out of a car window at 60+ mph...!" :-)

    Seriously though...you get used to it and the benefits will have you SOLD on putting up with the hassles of using it.

    Keep us posted and keep taking those food choices seriously. Don't let it go!

    2425 days ago
    I find that when I do yoga, I'm more in touch with my body's needs and I don't eat past the point of "not-hungry" as much, nor do I eat as much garbage. When I'm doing yoga (even just 1-2 times a week) I crave water and fresh veggies more. Maybe try that? =)
    2425 days ago

    I'm sorry to hear you're having such a tough time right now. If you feel like Provigil is not the right medication for you, definitely go talk to your doctor about it! The side effects sound like they're doing a number on you.
    2425 days ago
    I know what you mean. Food is comforting. It started when we are young if we cried they fed us. Everything about food is comforting including the feeling of being full. The only thing we can do is use our minds. I like thought replacement. Each time you think of eating (outside of planned portioned meals) you do a few push ups or jumping jacks. You can mix that up with other activities. Include those around you if you think it would be more fun.

    Another thought replacement would be each time you think of eating (beyond what you should) replace that thought with the thought of fitting into a snug outfit you would like to get into for the holidays or a special occasion.
    2425 days ago
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