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Sunday, October 30, 2011

This weekend was a good one for me. Saturday I had planned a long day of activities for me and my fiancé. We haven't had a lot of time together the last few weeks. It seems like every single weekend something is planned or we have obligations. We got up early, went to the final farmer's market which made me a bit sad. Then we went to meet my father for lunch. My relationship with my father is complicated. It was bad for a very long time. One day I decided to not be angry anymore but that is not what this blog is about. Anyway lunch was interesting and sadly all that really brings enjoyment to him, eating. He still lives in my hometown so after lunch we went to grandmother grave. She died November 11 of the last year. I cried but I was glad I went.
We left my town and drove up the coast to this shop that used to a farm stand when I was a kid and now has become pretty commercial. They sell their own veggies and meats and all of it is organic. I was stunned how much cheaper food is outside the city. Near me, a dozen farm fresh eggs are $5. Absurd, I know but at this farm $2.50. The whole bag we bought was $26 and I bought organic chicken and bacon. Whole foods near me that would have been $75. We both love farm animals so we walked around the farm and said hello to the llama, goats, mini horse, piglets and sheep. Truly I don't know why I love farm animals so much but I as long as I can remember.
The farm is near my mother's house and she had a bunch of house wares and stuff from when I was younger for me to pickup. She is selling her house and moving so there is a lot that I have to take back or it is going to Goodwill. It was fortuitous because now that I am getting serious into my food blog I needed items for staging the photos and did not want to spend a great deal of money. Worked in my favor. We had planned to head to a vineyard around the corner after that but since you are probably already tired from reading this you can imagine how tired we were. My mom lives 50 miles outside of Boston so we headed back home to the city.
I had decided earlier in the week that I wanted to start Christmas shopping early. We don't make a big deal of gift giving. Usually just one main gift and 2 smaller ones. Both of us like to give to charities year around instead of focusing on material stuff for ourselves once a year. I wanted a camera for blogging and he wanted a Northface jacket. I thought it would be a good idea to buy them now before the holiday shopping nonsense starts. Crowds are not my thing. I don't have the patience for it. RAVENSONG37 is an amazing photographer and she recommended a great camera for my purposes and I managed to find it on a special this weekend. Score! We grabbed his jacket and headed home for the day. Time never seems to be on our side on Saturday's.
For dinner I made the last of the organic pork chops from the farmers market with mashed sweet potatoes and rhutabega's and a sauce that I made of local cranberries, brown sugar, thyme and red wine. He loved it. The thyme just didn't thrill me combined with the cranberries but it was different than anything we normally make so I think the recipe has potential. ALOFA0509 had suggested to me to write a cookbook which she didn't know is a secret dream of mine. I decided to start with my blog and work on building the my recipe base for an eventual book. So from this point I will only be posting recipes on my other blog where I have the rights to them. Some will be quick and easy for the novice cook and full-time parents and workaholics. Some will be more involved for the weekend meal or something I saw in a restaurant or magazine.
This morning I met with guy who wants me to work at his new business. We went over the menu he wants me to create for him and the role he wants me to have in the business. Pretty much Operations Manager and Catering Sales. He gave me a surprisingly generous upfront payment and I like a lot of his ideas. I am hoping this turns into what I want it to be and will allow me the time to really focus on my blog in my spare time. Keep your fingers crossed!
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