Sodium, You Are My Nemisis

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm feeling really crappy today. My allergies are acting up - my eyes are red/swollen, my eye itches, my nose is red and dripping, and I'm sneezing a lot! - which is strange because since about the middle of September I haven't really had any issues with my allergies. I'm feeling really blah. And then I noticed I'm bloated - waaay bloated. I had been feeling pretty good - a non-scale victory that I was noting was that my rings were spinning on my fingers. Today, they aren't budging. I can feel it in my waist even. My hubby made stir fry for dinner last night, and I'm not sure what went into this exactly but it was delicious. I thought that had left enough room in my cals for the day to accommodate this. Perhaps I did as far as calories go, but I think the sodium was really high. And then we watched Hockey Night in Canada - GO LEAFS GO! And we made popcorn too. Blah! Stepped on the scale this morning, and it had moved - unfortunately it was ever so slightly in the wrong direction!!! Argh. So I consulted my nutritional tracker this afternoon and as it turns out, it wasn't just yesterday that my sodium was high - it's been high since Wednesday! So I'm feeling a sodium hangover...
Wednesday 2616
Thursday 2599
Friday 3723 (?! SERIOUSLY !?)
Saturday 2146 (that's without logging the stir fry!)
Today already 2108

Although sodium is something that I track, I guess I haven't really been paying enough attention to it. And so today, I'm frustrated and disappointed. I'm frustrated that this slipped. I'm frustrated because I know better. I'm disappointed that this has happened at the end of the month and is going to reflect on my end of month check-in. In fact, I'm so frustrated that I had a complete moment of weakness earlier... The old me - the fat chick that looms beneath the surface, struggling to even hold on as she is nearly evicted from my very core - she ever so swiftly recognized my weakness and was taking the opportunity to try and creep back. And she did for about 15 minutes - long enough for me to consume a small iced cappuccino and a pumpkin spice donut from Tim Horton's - for a total of a whopping 510 calories. So I have tracked this and need to work this into my daily totals now, and trudge forward. It is what it is. I'm not hiding it. And NO excuses. I'm not perfect. I don't expect to be. Frustration and disappointment are real feelings, and I'm working through this today. I will recover. I will be better. These slip ups are fewer and farther between now than they've ever been - so I'm still making progress. I need to forgive myself. And I need to focus forward. Sigh. And I need to drink extra water, and sweat extra today.
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    I have had the same experience, I was eating like 3500 sodium grams too. I woke up the next day and my husband suggested that I take his water pill, reluctantly I did and by the end of the day I lost 9 pounds of water weight no lie! So now I take 1 water pill once every 2 weeks and it does make a difference also I try to make sure my salt stays in between 1200-1500 and I have noticed a big difference on the scale. high blood pressure runs in my family too. cheers to a low sodium diet(:
    2757 days ago
    You can do it!
    I've also been noticing how salt affects my weigh-ins. Ugg. It's never as much as I'd like if I've consumed a large amount of salt in the days leading up to weigh-in.

    I've started my own personal boycott of Tim Hortons muffins and ice caps due to their calories. LOL I've stuck with their coffees though. emoticon emoticon
    2763 days ago
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