October 27th with photos

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, I managed to accomplish most of what I needed to do today. I spent the majority of the day working on the cookies for Daisha's class party tomorrow. They were much more time consuming than expected because of what we were doing:

She loves them so it was all worth it. It's also the night of the judging for our apartment complex's patio contest. Here's what our "Haunted Cafe" looked like initially:

We ended up unplugging the cobweb lights and lighting the candles on our homemade chandelier so now the ambience looks a little more like an actual cafe:

I just realized that I don't think I ever posted the pic of the wreath I'd been telling ya'll about. Here are some of the props we created for the Haunted Cafe:

I haven't managed to yet finish Keiran's costume, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow evening. We're hoping he'll finally wear it on Saturday. Our complex will be holding their annual Fall Festival and the kids were going to do the costume contest. I'll be doing the photography for the day as well. Plus, apparently, our town is doing trick-or-treating on Saturday night instead of Monday. :( It just doesn't seem to be as much fun if it's not on Halloween. Oh well!

Daisha's school does a Book Parade every year for Halloween - it basically allows the kids to wear their costumes to school but do it in an educational way. Each child dresses up as a character from a book of their choice and then, depending on their grade level, does something related to that book for a grade. I'll be attending that in the morning, her class party in the afternoon, and helping decorate for the Fall Festival in between - it's going to be a busy and active day.

I'm off to get my TnT finished - I got in a decent walk with Keiran earlier so I'm not stressing over more cardio today. It's going to be an early night to hit the sack since I have to take Tony to work... that means getting myself and the kids up earlier than normal. UGH!
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