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I am no longer in the 200s!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The past 6 weeks or so I bounced around between 200 and 210. Earlier in the year I hit my then low weight for the year of 205. But I went into reverse for several months and got back up to the 220s. Luckily, I caught myself before I did any more damage to myself. So I started the downward trend once again.

I decided back in May that I would train for a half marathon. I started that training at the very end of July (don't know what I was thinking since it was a super hot summer in Texas). This past weekend I ran my first half marathon training run. Felt good to accomplish that goal. I like to set fitness and weight related goals. So I had hit one goal but not the other yet.

That is until TODAY! Yesterday I woke up and weighed 200.4. I was sooooooo close to 200. I was, honestly, kind of ticked off that the scale did show an additional .5 lb loss so that I could be under 200. Now keep in mind that on Tuesday I weighed 201.6. So it isn't like I didn't lose weight overnight on Tuesday (thanks to kickboxing and a group run Tuesday night). What did I do? I kicked it up a notch yesterday. I have personal training on Wednesday and Thursday every week. Before my session yesterday I decided to run/walk again. I usually only run 2 times a week but I wanted to add a 3rd session. I ran/walked for 34 minutes and then got my beating from my training (I'm going to have KILLER legs after she's done with me).

So did that extra cardio before my training session help? You be the judge by the picture below:

WOOHOO!!!!!! I have not seen that number since around the time I got married in 2003! So it's been a long time!!!!!

So what are my goals now?

Fitness Related: Run 2 half marathon races this year (scheduled for Nov 6 and Dec 4). Run at least 2 or 3 next year as well.

Weight Related: Become Overweight instead of Obese. My current BMI is just over 31%. To be in the Overweight range I would need to have 29.9. So I'm close! I need to be 191 or less to be just Overweight and NOT Obese!!!!!

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