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Rays of Hope

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Sunday, I participated in the Rays of Hope Walk Toward the Cure. I had a choice of a 2-mile walk or a 3-mile walk. I chose the 3-mile walk. I had to park in a public lot away from the park where the walk began and ended (the lot next to the park was for handicapped parking only), which added to the walk a bit.

I had heard there were 900 walkers last year, so I expected a crowd this year. The park was large enough that the crowd wasn’t too bad.

There were a few vendors, such as someone selling hot drinks, soda, and assorted baked goods. I got tea (unsweetened) and corn bread before the walk. I also bought a maroon sweatshirt – a color that had been marked down in price (I decided before I saw the price that I wanted that color, as I’m not a huge fan of pink, and especially not the shade of pink chosen for breast cancer support).

They gave out T-shirts to all walkers. Plain white, with writing on them. They were also giving out shoelaces, but they were really knitted I-cords and more useful for tying onto ponytails or to a dog’s shaggy coat (as one walker did [never mind that we were asked to keep our pets at home]). I declined the shoelaces, but did take a free pink baseball cap.

There were a few speeches, and the walk stepped off shortly before noon. It took just a few minutes for the crowd to thin out and then I could walk at my own pace. It took me 64 minutes, according to my pedometer, to walk the 3 miles. Not bad, I don’t think. I walked a total of 4.5 miles on Sunday.

I didn’t manage to raise a lot of money, but I saw on the local news website that the two walks in the region raised more than $1 million! And the money raised will stay locally.

Immediately after the walk, I drove for 4 hours to visit my mom. I didn’t exercise much at all on Monday and Tuesday – days of rest, I told myself. But I started feeling restless on the 4-hour drive home yesterday.

I was planning to go to the Y today (I normally go on Wednesdays), then got asked to go to work early. So I worked out some at home instead. And got caught up on online stuff.

So…anyway…it was nice to walk for a cause, and I’m now looking for the next walk. I’d prefer local, but there’s a Hot Chocolate Walk and Run about 30 miles away in early December. That might work, if nothing closer comes along.
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