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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So a friend of mine has purchased half a local catering and takeout restaurant. It is owned by a much older gentleman who has been hanging on consistently losing money because his food is so behind the times that nobody goes there. He is at a loss how to fix it but doesn't want to sell because he pretty much can't do anything else. It is a very sad situation to see someone in. My friend is around the same age as my mom but has been working for high end catering for a long time and is much more in tune with food trends and what people are looking for in takeout. He has asked me to consult on a lot of the changes he is going to make as well as the new menu, social media, etc. His idea is also that I would be selling the catering aspect of it. We had our first 2 meetings this week and Sunday is our first formal meeting in which we will go over the new menu and I will be changing it graphically etc.
I have thought a lot about all of it and I know he is very excited about it. Realistically I know that this is not something that is going to provide me a livable income for a least a year so it is not like I could leave my current job. It could be a nice second income and learning opportunity for me for my own future business. I do see things already that I think are not good ideas but I do not own the company and I don't get the feeling he wants to take my input. I am the targeted demographic he needs to market too. 25-40, professional, 2 incomes, no children. Work too much. These are the people who buy a lot of takeout and have the income to do it. They do not want the typical house of grease food anymore. In Boston that is that corner greek/italian hybrid place selling the same italian subs and cheese steaks. Mediocre pizza. I will see on Sunday if this is something I really want to get involved in heavily or stay peripheral as a consultant and make some side money. I am wanting it to be something more but I am going into it being objective. Wish me luck!
Also I have decided with some wonderful advice from NOTABOUTHEFACE that I am going to work on making my blog off sparkpeople more professional. www.simplytastefuleats.c
My fiance is buying me a camera for Christmas and I am going to focus on healthy living, recipes both involved and more family time crunch friendly, and healthy products and books that I enjoy. Writing is something I enjoy and since SP is increasingly becoming more restrictive I want to do most of it in a place that I own the rights to what I post. So if you love my blogs follow me there as well!
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