Journal: 5 Things I Do/Don't Have Control Over

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

(I have started journalling again daily, privately, in a paper journal - as part of my process of breaking through this mental place I am right now, I'm going to share the best insights from my journal and title them "Journal:" - these are mainly things I am coming up with on my own, if I get the idea from somewhere else, I will credit it)

5 Things I Have Control Over:

emoticonwhat I eat
emoticonwhat I drink
emoticonhow I move my body
emoticonhow much sleep I get
emoticonhow I react (to people, situations, things)

5 Things I Don't Have Control Over:

emoticonmy genetics
emoticonwhere I lose weight from
emoticonhow others react
emoticonthe passage of time

I found it much harder to come up with "5 Things I Don't Have Control Over" - the "5 Things" that I do were easy and I could have just as easily come up with 5 more - hmm...interesting...
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