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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tomorrow I'll "officially" weigh in for the week. I know I'll have gained, because I look at the scale several times a week. This week has not been a good one for eating. I started working the 4pm to 1230am shift. Usually, after work I am hungry. So, I look at where I can have calories and make a snack. I know the problem is late eating followed by bed. I have to work on taking food with me and eating it there.
I have a hard time here with food, too. There is so much here that I just don't know exactly what I am eating or how it's made, but usually it's fried or has oil used in the prep somehow. I'm guessing on a lot of the food and I may be way off. Chammorro, Filipino, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean... it's all good. Some very good... Sigh.
Also, my co-workers want to feed me. Culturally, I know they are being generous and nice. Ugh.

I need to get better organized. I also missed the Monday aerobics class, because it was canceled due to short staff for us...
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    AKCHELLE, SP teaches that it really does not matter when you eat. Your body does not turn your food into fat when it is night any more than it does earlier in the day. Just eat wisely.

    You are doing fine.

    2700 days ago
    I agree with everyone else, it's great that you identified the issue and pre-planning is definitely the way to go and politely declining when someone offers you some goodies. I remember when I started this man I work with has a bakery and was always bringing in donuts and cakes, the first time I declined, you would have thought I punched him in the face, but I explained that it's not that it doesn't look delicious, that I am trying to lead a healthier path, so it might be hard at first, but it definitely gets easier and they will understand. Good luck, we are cheering for you!
    2702 days ago
    Well it's official. I took ten steps forward and one step back. However, I'm really glad that it was only one step. Ebeams is so right about it being a huge guessing game, when you are not on the mainland. The biggest food pushers at work are an older woman and her son. They came to Guam VERY poor. They did not have much, but through hard work they have become well off. The family owns a business, and the son owns two businesses. They are working at my work for the retirement. They never want to want again. So, when the mother pushes baked goods at me over and over, I know she wants to take care of those around her. I finally got them to understand that I do not drink soda, so the son bought me a calamansi (lemonade) drink.
    Hopefully we will have aerobics tonight. I know I can go Friday to make up one of the classes.
    I looked at the wt loss goal and I am way off track... I have to think about adjusting it. Some people in my sp class have lost 5 pounds a week, some have lost 2 pounds a month. So far, I'm averaging 5 pounds a month...
    2702 days ago
  • CRISSA1669
    Sounds like pre-planning will be your key. Pre planning what you'll take to work to eat so that you won't be starved and make wrong choices. Pre planning workouts do wonders for me maybe you can try it. Pre planning responses to sincere FOOD PUSHERS..."no thank you"; "that looks so good but I'm watching my fat/sugar/calorie intake for health reasons" or "thank you, I"d love to have a piece/slice/taste". All things that are in your control. Just don't ever feel bad about doing what you need to do in regards to your own health. As nice as people are if you are going to be stumbled it is better to decline. There is good food everywhere, if it didn't taste good, we wouldn't WANT to eat it, lol. So take back control of your days, choosing what you will eat, what you won't eat, when and where you will exercise; knowing that at the end of it all the choices you made were indeed YOURS. Take CARE!!
    2702 days ago
    Hmmm ... well, here's my thoughts! Yes, good job identifying what is hanging you up ... And on identifying some of what you need to be doing to change that! It's hard everywhere to avoid the "not quite so healthy" food options and it's twice as hard if you really enjoy eating the food. Even here, it's hard to stick to healthy meal, healthy portions if I don't make it at home. It's a huge guessing game!

    Bummer about the aerobics class being cancelled but what did you do instead of that? I have been working on teaching myself to not be so rigid about my work outs! If what I had planned doesn't pan out, I need to do whatever I CAN to make the exercise happen!

    Even if the scale is not friendly tomorrow, it isn't the end of the journey ... or even your joy! You know what you want, you know how to get it and you can move beyond this! Chin up, we're going forward and we aren't looking back!

    PS My husband works with lots of people who like to try to get him to eat their food alot. He just keeps saying no very politely and then I send healthy treats with him to share! They never stop asking and they are very sweet to send home "Thanks" with him! You can do it ... Remember, your body, your decisions, your life ... You can do it!
    2703 days ago
    AKCHELLE - I think that it is INCREDIBLE that you're recognizing where you're having troubles with your weight loss and are finding solutions and a back up plan! Good for you! We all go through these set backs, but you're preserving and not giving up! AWESOME!!! I'm cheering for you!
    2703 days ago
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