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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You want to know what happens when you eat EIGHT fun-sized Halloween candy bars after coming home from work and cooking a delicious veggie-filled dinner with crazy amounts of good-for-you nutrients?

You can't get out of bed the next morning, and when you do, all you want is another chocolate bar.


After my big loss last week, two days later the stupid scale was back up to 191 where it's been hanging out for 2 months now. Today it's at 192. Wrong direction. Sure I have a long run tonight and tomorrow it will likely be back down from water loss, but in order to get it to actually stick, I need a serious attitude (and nutrient) overhaul.

When I was actually losing weight there were a few small habits that I was focusing on that I now believe are a large part of my pound-loss success:
- No Coffee. Tea til the cows come home, but ditch the daily cuppa Joe. This is going to be rough because though I was a sworn tea-granny and never really indulged in that sweet caffeinated nectar of the gods, I have recently picked up a terrible daily habit of a $4 trip to Starbucks for my "Venti Half-Caf Sugar-Free Vanilla Americano with room for Skim." Just think of the cash I'm going to save. And my body just does better without it. Period.
- No Soft Drinks. Same as the above. Just as hard a habit to break. But I just stocked up on Crystal Light. And tea. Tea, tea, tea.
- Get up in the morning. This is certainly easier when you...
- Go to bed early. Get back on a sleep schedule. Stop binging on chocolate and having sugar crashes making it impossible to separate oneself from one's sheets in the morning.
- Add back strength training. I was never doing this specifically before, but had good enough success with bootcamp. Maybe THIS will be the thing that helps. So here's to trying a month-long (and then longer) streak at daily exercise. Even 10 minutes of resistance bands are better than nothing.
- BE PREPARED. It's the Girl Guide motto. It means something. The better I prep, the better success I have. Invest the time, now, in me and reap the rewards of it later.

I have to get back to looking out for me. I am important - more important than eating EIGHT fun-sized Halloween chocolate bars. And it's time to start acting like it.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I feel ya-with twins that totally hit every house in the tri coutny area, there is more chocolate and candy than I even want to think about. Must...stop...grabbing out of bowl....
    Let's make some smart choices and step awaaaay from the bowl.
    Glad to see you did the Hot Chocolate 15K. Next time I will have to join you. Gonna make the Shuffle feel like an afterthought this April!

    2392 days ago
    I feel ya... Last weekend, I'm pretty sure I ate about 15 fun sized candies total. Ugh. I told myself ABSOLUTELY NO CHOCOLATE this week, and so far I've done great. We got this!
    2402 days ago
    Today it's at 192. Wrong direction.

    ha! Oh oh we like to point that out as if the scale cares. d@mn scale. lol

    - Get up in the morning. This is certainly easier when you...
    - Go to bed early.

    I have yet to learn this lesson, but it is a very worthwhile lesson to learn.
    Keep up the hard work- you can do it! emoticon
    2403 days ago
    sooooo easy to do, my dear, falling into the halloween/cofeee/set back things. Good for you on stopping it and moving forward with the life YOU want.

    No Halloween candy is coming into my house until THAT day and it will not be anything I like, thats for sure.

    You can do this, I promise.
    2403 days ago
    "Get up in the morning. This is certainly easier when you...
    - Go to bed early."

    Ohhh... so that's how that works :)

    You've got this!
    2403 days ago
    My plan used to be buy Halloween candy just in case the stores run low. Never happened. What did happen was that I would open a bag for "just one". Ha! By the end of the day the bag was empty. No surprise there. So now my plan Halloween candy ON Halloween and buy stuff you don't like. And the last kid to the door gets to take as much as they want. It's been working pretty good for the past couple of years so I'm sticking with it.
    2403 days ago
    Why do they ever call them fun size? Together they pack as much a punch as 2 chocolate bars! Some times I just have to have chocolate twix bar but red vines are my poison. lol

    God bless & lets make it happen!

    2403 days ago
    At least they were fun-sized, right? I had to indulge last night, there was a treat I've been thinking about NON-STOP for a week... so finally I made sure it was in my calorie range and just ATE IT and enjoyed every last bite. Craving's gone and I'm ready to move forward. Let's do this!
    2404 days ago
    Oh boy, do I know where you're coming from. Work your plan and the weight will fall off, babe. Just keep plugging away. You can do it!
    2404 days ago
    Halloween candy started a downward spiral for me a couple of year ago that lead to a 20 pound weight gain. :-( I have been avoided buying it and now plan to buy stuff I don't really like. I know I can't have chocolate in the house or it will all be gone before Halloween even gets here.
    2404 days ago
    I am in the same place!!! It's tough, but we CAN start making those right choices...again! I got on track today by tracking my food. It's a step in the right direction!

    Best wishes!
    2404 days ago
  • PJH2028
    Totally with you on The Girl Guide Motto. Preparation is a huge portion of success. I'm in a similar arc with trimming some sails over here too. We can do it!
    2404 days ago
    I think regular strength training is an excellent idea. I had a lot of success when it was a regular part of my routine. Plus introducing something new into the mix may be the little shock your body needs to kick start the weight loss. May we all resist the trials of the season. Halloween is one of those killer times in school when candy and treats are everywhere! Trying to avoid them is really hard. ( Would you like a bar/ piece of cake/ candy/ big fat cookie Ms. Tait?) But, like Yoda says,"There is no try, just DO!" May the force be with you.
    2404 days ago
    I found the same thing last weekend. I broke over and had half a funnel cake. It was good and I was just thrilled that I didn't eat the entire thing becuase I could have -- EASILY! But what I found was that for the next two days I craved sweets like a mad woman. Better to no eat them and do w/out the craving!
    2404 days ago
    'nods head in agreement' yup, I understand completely. sounds like you have a grip on it.

    make it happen my friend... we can do this...
    2404 days ago
    2404 days ago
    Tis the season, isn't it? I'm with you, once I start with the chocolate, I can't better not to start at all! You know you can do this thing, now!
    2404 days ago
    I've been my desk at work I'm looking at a jar of those buggers. You are worth so much more, and I know that you can do this. I'm proud of you!
    2404 days ago
  • 35ANGELS
    I have a hard time with the Halloween candy too.
    2404 days ago
    Yes you are worth more than that and I am glad you see that! I wish you the best of luck!


    2404 days ago
    AMEN! :)

    - Michelle
    2404 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    *nods* something I have been trying to remind myself of, surely Im better than binging on crap "because its the weekend"
    2404 days ago
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