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White Bread Better Than Wheat? Prevention Mags new "fad" diet.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Okay folks, so I've been MIA for almost a month now, that shocked even me. I've checked in a few times but haven't been blogging or such and I've missed it. Starting this week I am coming back. A huge part of that is because I quit the PTA. Long story short those ladies are not ladies and were adding stress to my life that I simply did not need. PTA was something I could cut and I did, because no way am I cutting the fitness. I got a "you've lost a lot of weight" from a friend that I've only had time to pass in the halls at church lately, not much conversation going on, but she sought me out yesterday and told me what a great job I'm doing and it really meant a lot coming from her...she is a very fit nutritionist :).

So, anyways, I still have TONS of catching up to do with house work and such and don't have time to be here today, but was scanning through my e-mail and had one from Prevention (you know the magazine people). The subject was something to the effect of "choose white bread over wheat for weight loss". My brain immediately responded with "huh?". So yes, I got sucked in, clicked and sure enough Prevention is pushing a new book-The Glycemic Load Diet. The page is chock full of such tidbits as "Why almost all the "unhealthy" foods your parents ate can help you lose weight today", "How certain foods start making you fatter in a matter of minutes", and this awesome one "Enjoy your favorite "forbidden" foods and lose weight without calorie counting, starvation, or sweaty exercise!"

How about that ladies? Do you really believe that you can eat "forbidden" foods without counting calories and still lose weight? How about losing weight without "sweaty exercise"? Are there really foods that make you fat in a "matter of minutes"?

You know, I always thought that Prevention had good advice. Now I am unsubscribing from their e-mails and letting them know why.

Sure white bread might be better for weight loss....slice to slice the white bread is lower in calories. But, it is also lower in nutrients and taste. Do I want to try a diet that promises I can lose weight without exercise? Heck no!! Why you might ask? I hope you aren't really wondering the answer to that, but my reason is simple...There are a hundred "diets" that all will help you lose weight if you follow them closely enough. But, weight loss isn't the only goal here. Fitness IS the goal. Can I lose weight without exercise? Maybe. Can I get fit without "sweaty exercise"? NEVER!!

I enjoy my sweat!! It shows that I worked hard and accomplished something. It shows that I did not sit on the sofa all day reading the Glycemic Load Diet book and trying to figure out how to lose weight without eating healthy nutritious foods. I love that I can get sweaty and am even moderately proud of my scraped up and bruised knee that I got tripping over a curb on Saturday's run-lol!! Hey, I got it running not because I'm a natural klutz or anything-lol (those that have been reading for awhile might remember that I AM a natural klutz, but I'll use the exercise excuse when valid :) ). And, I'm only proud of it because it didn't cause any lasting damage...otherwise I'd be devastated that I hurt myself so close to several races coming up. Anyhoo....back on topic.

To be fair, the foods that they list are all things I would eat anyways in moderation...meat, cheese, fruits and vegis. It doesn't list ANY of the "starch" laden foods you can't eat, but I can guess that there are a lot of vegetables on the list like potatoes and corn. Things I try to moderate anyways because they are on the bottom of the nutrient scale as far as freggies go. It looks like they are also against wheat and possibly other grains since they want you to eat white bread and desserts with copious amounts of whipped cream on them. But, this "diet" is not the magic bullet and the fact that it contains so many red flag words scares me. I bet this thing sells like hotcakes and I'm sure some people will lose weight. I'm also sure that those of us who are eating healthy, balanced diets (or trying to anyways-we all have our moments) and are enjoying our "sweaty exercise" will be able to out run those people on the Glycemic Load Diet when the zombies come after us (Happy one week to Halloween). Haha-just thought of something...the Glycemic Load Diet-yeah it's a load alright a load of __________ (fill in the blank).

In case anyone was wonder what I meant by "red flag words"...I believe that there are certain words that are included in lots of advertising that alert you to the fact that their product is a sham and you should stay far away from it. Phrases like "lose weight without counting calories"-yeah that sends up a HUGE red flag warning. "Eat "forbidden" foods" is another one. We all know that no food is "forbidden", right? Personal needs and desires might have us creating our own list of foods we want to stay away from (like Reese's Peanut Butter cups), but really, in a nutritious, balanced diet, there is always room for all foods in moderation. I love the phrase "makes you fatter in minutes". I'm sorry, but nothing makes you fatter in minutes. Some foods might cause bloat, a temporary condition. And some foods cause a greater stress on your body to be digested and processed and those should be minimized. But, there is not a substance on this planet that makes you "fatter in minutes". It took me 20 years to get to this weight not 20 minutes. This has to be my favorite red flag "You will NEVER lose those extra pounds until you learn which foods really make you fat!". Well geez louise how on earth do all these sparkers make it work for them? "NEVER" in all caps...designed to play on my psyche...I'll never be thin until I try this diet. WRONG.

Now, maybe this "diet" does have something going for it and maybe it contains some good advice...but with all the red flags on this thing I'm not buying the book and I'm not touching this thing with a ten-foot pole. When it has been published by MULTIPLE reputable sources as the honest truth I'll go back to white bread, until then I'm going to enjoy my nutty and filling whole grain bread.

So, my ire is spent and my plea to each and everyone of you is to watch for those red-flags and run away. Food that actually contains nutrients is good for you and your body. Foods that have been stripped of all nutrients and provide only caloric value are bad. Now, go and enjoy a nice balanced meal of your choosing and if you haven't already done so, get nice and sweaty at some point today :).

I'm loath to post the link to the ad...I'm sure if you go to the Prevention web site you'll find it if you are that set on seeing it for yourself.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am not one of the ladies but I agree . Being fit and eating healthy is my goal. Be proud the scrapped and bruised. Knees. Just picked up a scrapped hand and ribs when a tree root was lying in wait under leaves for me this AM. Spouse just shakes her head and says are you sure you're having fun? I just smile

    Not sure about the white bread thing. I thought glycemic loads spikes with processed food and we all know that white bread is processed. Like you I will just keep Sparking

    Thank you for giving me a new angle to think about.
    2423 days ago
    Hiiiiiiiii Heather! emoticon

    This shows that they are clearly just out to make a buck and really don't care about readers' health and well-being. I get so many e-mails from them (Rodale Books) because of my Runner's World subscription and it just gets sooo old.

    I sympathize with your PTA issues as my co-worker just had to resign from the football boosters for her son's high school. Too bad that you have someone very hard working but then catiness and disorganization pushes them away.
    2426 days ago
    Yeah, I don't miss letting my subscription to Prevention lapse in the slightest! They used to be legit, but now they're just salesmen...

    There's nothing like the sense of accomplishment as I shut down the TM & see the Rorschach pattern of sweat droplets I've left behind on the belt - like you, I ENJOY working up a good sweat!
    2426 days ago
    Welcome back. I've missed your blogs.
    I agree about how this article is bad advice. It will make me look very carefully before I believe anything else from Prevention.
    2427 days ago
    I see those kinds of claims & cringe too ... I just need to keep working at the slow & steady lifestyle changes so that I can prove that this is the best way to lose weight.
    2427 days ago
    Thank you for posting this. I was somebody under the false impression that Prevention was a somewhat scientific magazine. Sounds more like they want to sell magazines more than anything and will say/do anything to do that. No thanks!
    2428 days ago
    Its sad that the diet industry tries so hard to keep us sucked in. and that so many Americans fall for it so easy. But there isn't a quick fix. we got ourselves into this one day at a time, and thats how we have to get out!
    2428 days ago
    I have to say that I have noticed that Prevention sometimes does that, but I have seen it in some other fitness mags too. I tend to look at the claims, laugh and move on.
    2428 days ago
    Even if it did work for weight loss (which I doubt would be sustainable!), eating those kinds of foods all the time is not good for your body, so you'd be a skinny person with deficiencies or health problems. Ever heard of a skinny person with sky-high cholesterol? I have!

    No, I'm with you. Eat good foods that fuel your body properly. That's the way to do it.
    2428 days ago
    emoticon back Heather and I love this blog, never heard of Prevention and thanks to you I don't even want to go there.
    I'm with you- eat all the "right stuff" and sweat baby emoticon
    I'd much rather get fitter!
    2428 days ago
    Ha!!! I used to read Prevention, but did not renew after their magazine became a thinly veiled AD for their current world-changing diet!!!!
    The only part I agree with is the exercise part. I don't think that exercise has much to do with weight loss for me, but do I still exercise?!?!? You bet I do, every day, in fact, for 1-2 hours a day!!!!!! Who wants to be a wimpy skinny person?!?! Not me!!!!!!:-)
    2428 days ago
    Great blog!
    I see commercials and infomercials on TV all the time with all of those red-flag words in them. DH and I just look at each other and shake our heads every time
    It's just sad how many people believe it and want to take the easy way!
    2428 days ago
    You came back with a bang, sistah dear!!! Awesome post! Glad I don't have to read it for myself...LOL

    2428 days ago
    I am thinking of selling a new diet...Eat all the sand and tree bark you want, Lose weight fast.
    2428 days ago
    My big red flag is the price-tag. Welcome back.
    2428 days ago
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