October 23rd - Recovering and Photos

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Well, the wedding was much more successful than expected. I wish I could credit the Bride but unfortunately, it was all because of my other "mom", who was in charge of everything at the reception area. The food was delicious - and yes, we actually got to eat. What was supposed to be 90 people on Friday night turned out to be maybe 40 once the wedding started. I had a great time getting all primped, especially since it's something I've only done twice since my Senior Prom in 1997.

I did play photographer, but only in the hotel room and the reception. I took the couple for some classic shots but seeing as I was in the wedding, I didn't do all of the posed shots that could have been done. I kept it simple. One of the other bridesmaids brought her camera and was also taking pictures throughout the day. She gave a family member her camera during the ceremony to have photos taken. I was nice and offered to edit all of the photos and put them together on a disc for her if they wanted to email me everything. We'll see if it happens.

The wedding was very colorful... our dresses and the groomsmen's shirts matched the colors of the Hawaiian leis worn by the groomsmen and father of the Bride. This will give you an idea of just how colorful it was:

Tony and I never got to have a single dance together. Then again, we left early since the kids were tired and the only slow songs being played were for the special dances. I did manage to get a family photo taken - of course those rarely go as hoped for. Daisha was making a goofy face and Keiran was... well, here... see for yourself:

The weather was absolutely beautiful. While it was still on the chilly side both at home (only an hour away) and in Pensacola, the beach was wonderful. There was a slight cool breeze, which was just enough to keep us from sweating under the sunshine. And of course, sunset on the beach is always gorgeous!

I can openly state that I have managed to accomplish nothing in the way of fitness today. I laid in bed for the majority of the day and just relaxed. LOL It was nice! I am still planning to get something done tonight though - as soon as dinner settles in my stomach, I'm going to be on it.
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