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Sunday, October 23, 2011

This is one of those diet ideas that many people don't like to talk about yet many of us do it. This weekend was a last hurrah of sorts. Maybe it works for some to pretend they can have whatever they want in moderation but I am not one of those people. It is an all or nothing thing for me. The more relaxed I am with myself the more and more difficult this gets for me. Simple is cleaner and more precise and that is what I need to do. Back to basics. Drink my water, avoid sugar, etc. That is when I have success. So this weekend I got it out of my system. Ate some junk, had a big steak but also made the right decisions to set myself up for the rest of the week. I did not buy all the stuff that was holding me back, like the giant fresh english muffins from my local bakery, and instead invested in healthier choices. I know how to do this. I have all the tools. Now is my time to implement them and if for me that meant eating some of the things I am going to say goodbye to well I have no guilt over that. Yes, a few days a year I will be indulge but I know my body well enough at this point to accept that I am just not built to be able to eat as I please most days of the year. That is ok. It is who I am and no more punishing myself over it. I am going to be happy. The last words my grandmother said to me before she passed was "be the person that would make your grandfather proud of you" and not only do I want to be that person for them but I want to be that person for me.
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    Bravo Ashley! Great attitude.
    3006 days ago
    Wonderful, and so true. I feel exactly the same way! You can do it Ash!
    3006 days ago
    Great attitude woman. I'm so proud of you!
    3006 days ago
    And you are so worth it, Ashley! Who you are is perfect in God's eyes.
    3007 days ago
    This is so in line with what I did this weekend, it's scary. Once again you articulated what I was thinking. I can't eat everything in moderation either, so I made myself get strict again. Two days and so far, so good.
    3007 days ago
    I believe we all know what will work for us. It's different for everyone. Best of luck with your journey! emoticon
    3008 days ago
    3008 days ago
    But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize
    3008 days ago
    Sounds like a good self-introspection weekend. *hugs* Good on you for finding what works for YOU and deciding to live it. XOXO
    3008 days ago
    This is definitely about figuring out what works for each of us individually. Love your grandmother's advice. emoticon
    3008 days ago
  • KASSAY25
    I don't believe in the phrase 'everything in moderation' either. I think some foods should be avoided at all costs with an occasional 'treat' not cheat. I am the same way, some foods i will NOT buy no matter what nor will you EVER see them in my house.

    I see some people complaining because they binged on some processed junk, and then blogging whining about it and my first thought is .. WHY DID YOU BUY THAT 'CRAP'? lol

    Sounds like you are on the right track! Way to go!
    3008 days ago
    Great Blog, I am the same way too. yes I do induldge in the pizza and wings but gosh if I do all the time then I want more and more.. and that is a huge mistake.. eating clean and healthy seems to work better..
    keep up the good work
    3009 days ago
    Im cheering for you and if you need me to nag or encourage, please let me know!! SOunds like you know what you gotta do and are ready to do it! Fire it up!
    3009 days ago
    I am the same way!!!!!!!! We got this!!!! emoticon
    3009 days ago
    That's great that you figured out what works for you. Unfortunately, I tried "all or nothing" once for a few months and I was so miserable that it affected all my relationships and ended gaining back 30lbs. I started having crazy cravings for things that I don't even like (ie licorice etc...) So I've learnt that moderation is what works for me. If I know I can have it, I don't really want it. Figuring out what works for you is a huge step! Wishing you much success!
    3009 days ago
    Do it for you!
    3009 days ago
    Hey, whatever works for ya!

    I'm not really "everything in moderation" OR "all or nothing", I am somewhere in the middle leaning closer to "all or nothing".

    My BFF and I just had this discussion, she said she needs a small treat every day to keep her from feeling deprived and then bingeing.

    I'm a creature of habit, if I eat dessert every day, I want it every day, and I want it more and more and more.

    If I can avoid it for a few days, I get into the habit of NOT eating it, and the cravings go away, and when I do get some, I will savor it and really truly enjoy it, then wait another few days or a week before I do it again.
    3009 days ago
    Good for you planning ahead for the upcoming week. I find I am alot more successful when I plan and track ahead of time.

    I understand your "all or nothing" statement in your blog as there are some foods I just cannot have in the house period.

    Yeah for CLEAN EATS!

    3009 days ago
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