Sunday, October 23, 2011

I’m going to be going to work with a new company and was in classes all last week. The first day of the class the man in charge of that office spoke to us and the first thing he did was hand us a little booklet about The Common Denominator Of Success and talk about it then had us go around the room and take turns reading it. Maybe that is because if he just handed it out he knew no one would read it. He then said that if we would read it everyday for 30 days it would get into our subconscious. This booklet was written many years ago and I think I read it once a long time ago and had forgot so now I’m reading it everyday.

Let me just mention a few points here when talking about the common denominator of success:
The secret of success of every man or woman who has ever been successful-lies in the fact that they formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do.

Those men and women formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do, think about that.

Why are successful people able to do things they don’t like to do while failures are not?
Because successful people have a PURPOSE strong enough to make them form the habit of doing things they don’t like to do in order to accomplish the purpose they want to accomplish. We all get into slumps at times and that is when the things we don’t like to do become more important than the reasons you have for doing them. That is when you have to go back and talk about your purpose and why you want to do something. We are creatures of habit, for habit is nothing more or less than momentum translated from the concrete into the abstract.

Every single qualification for success is acquired though habit. We form habits and if we do not have good habits, then unconsciously we form bad bad ones. You are the kind of person you are because you have formed the habit of being that kind of person, and the only way you can change is though habit. Here is an example of myself, I’m a fun loving happy person by nature and last night I went cosmic bowling and with the music I’m grooving and dancing while bowling and one of the ladies that I just met for the first time at the end of the night in the ladies room said to me”I like you you’re FUN”. I though a lot of people have told me that so that is just part of who I am.

So I’m reading though the booklet for work but thinking about it for my fitness life as well. Friday morning I got up at 5AM and did 35 minutes on the treadmill and bike before breakfast. I then left home at 7:30 for my class and left there later that day (I had taken clothes to change into after work because I knew if I went home I would not leave). Drove about an hour to workout and lift weights with Scott my trainer. On the way there a friend called and wanted to meet for dinner and I told her it would have to be at 7:30 because I was going to lift weights first and she said OK. Then I met her for dinner and choose something healthy since I’m working out to be fit so Salmon, rice, and broccoli it was. Now I go home and it is going on 10:00PM but I’m also writing a book and tell myself I need to write some every day even though I’m tried and so I did a little then lights out.

So at the end of the day I think I’m really working on doing the habits that will help me reach my passions and PUROSE in life. Do the things that successful people do.

I know why I get up and go to work, why I exercise, and why I’m writing a book.

What is your purpose and passion for wanting to do what you do? Do you know why you want to do it???

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    Fantabulous.. super like
    3526 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6428947
    nicely put...success if what we make it. good for you for making it happen. emoticon
    3527 days ago
    Now that was really great advice and something for all of us to work on. Forming the exercise habit is a huge one for so many of us and one I continue to struggle on. Keep up the awesome blogs, please!
    3527 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8639152

    3527 days ago
    I do like your adopting the secrets of success. It is one of those things we don't always think about. Doing things that aren't fun but are necessary is a part of life. I know that my coworkers really struggle with the details, the being prepared, picking up after themselves, etc.

    So glad you are keeping to your writing schedule. It is imperative if you want to be published. That and accepting editing.
    3527 days ago
    3528 days ago
    I just got up and took a 4.65 mile walk at the beach although my back has been tweaked since yesterday and I did not want to go for a long walk. I did know, from past experience, that my back would probably feel better afterward (it does) but that still didn't make me WANT to go. But I'm glad I did, and I'm glad you wrote this blog. It's a good one! Good stuff to think about.
    3528 days ago
    I love this blog! Good questions, now, hopefully, I can come up with some good answers! emoticon
    3528 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4295992
    You showed a lot of organisation and determination on Friday. You will reach your goals with focus like this. Go for it! You can do it!
    3528 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11122009
    Good read!
    3528 days ago
    3528 days ago
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