WMS Pic Challenge - Week 7

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I feel like this should be subtitled "Tales Of A Mud Trudger"

(or "Tales Of A Water Treader")

I feel like I'm getting nowhere quick - I feel like I've been making lots of movements and not getting anywhere - but I also think I secretly know I've been sabotaging myself

Yep - you read that right - it finally hit me that the reason I haven't been making much progress lately is because I am afraid of where I am

When I got down to 214 I panicked - I haven't been that low in a long, long time (we're talking more than 20 years) - and so in my silent private panic mode, I kinda shut myself down, without even realizing it - I "let" myself plateau - I've learned so well that I know exactly what to do, even without giving it much thought, to keep myself from losing weight - for over a month now I've been bouncing around between 214 and 218

I need to start journaling again - every day - in my paper journal - and get over my fears and insecurities about moving toward a healthy weight

So, onto the Watch Me Shrink Pictures

There isn't much change really, to my eye (other than I seem to have become an even worse photographer - if that is possible), but as this chart shows, I did lose a few inches, and I am in the next size down of jeans - so I guess I am shrinking

White Outfit - Week 1 vs Week 7:

Black Outfit - Week 2 (start week) vs Week 7:

Imagine what I could do if I weren't afraid...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can see a definite change in the pics. Way to go with the smaller size! That's the best motivation! When you can move down a size. It feels so great. Journaling sounds like a great way to keep you motivated. You are doing great and obviously shrinking.

    3212 days ago
    You are doing GREAT!
    Spark on!
    3215 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1610124
    You have done great! Journals will help you keep at it. I'll be starting over since I've had vacation and then modem & router problems.
    3216 days ago
    I'd say you're not afraid and emoticon on those inches!
    3216 days ago
    I can def see the difference! emoticon Also being down a pant size is awesome!
    3217 days ago
    Looking good my friend. I know the sabotage stage. It hits me when I get to 250 or lower. I get careless. But with Gods help we will make it through those time. I can see where you have gotten smaller. emoticon emoticon emoticon God Bless!! Love, Katie
    3217 days ago
    I definitely notice a difference on the side pics! Okay yes! Time to journel everything! It is really helping me! You can do it!
    3217 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9543726
    I think I'm getting to that same fear point! I know that right around 185 is where I tend to hover and stall out, or where I did in the past while I was still sick and on all those medications. Iknow I shouldn't let a past affect my current state, especially since I"m no longer sick or on medications, but I'm yeah, I feel your pain, anxiety, and all that. :/
    3217 days ago
    I just love telling this journey in pictures! Congrats on all of those wonderful changes. Keep on Sparking!
    3217 days ago
    I can tell shrinking! Woohoo to smaller pants!
    Ok we need to help u through the 214-218 mental block!!! We got a few ladies ready to break through I think you can do it too. Join them
    3217 days ago
    I can tell your shrinking :D Look particularly at the triangles along the sides of your shirt, on both the side and front views! :)
    I feel am becoming an ever more terrible photographer at these as well! I'm skipping this week, rebelling due to TOM. I'll rant about it tomorrow, maybe. :D Your pics look great :D
    emoticon Keep on runnin' forward, and leave the self-sabotage behind you. I think it's great that you can recognize it, and now try and do something about it! Journaling is soooooo good, I hope that helps get it out so you can keep moving forward! *hugs*
    3217 days ago
    You're slimming down! Amazing!
    My journey was similar until now, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, sometimes no visible change.
    Although, the fat% helps a lot to detect if there is a fat decrease when there is no weight change.
    Also, I found it motivating to now how much fat I carry on my body. Like 20% fat was 16kg of fat on me to carry.
    3217 days ago
    Oh yes, you have definitely shrunk! So noticeable, particularly in the side pics. WTG

    I understand what you mean about sabotaging yourself. That's what I did during the Summer holidays. I hope you can get through it, it's worth it to allow yourself to progress! Would a mini goal with a small reward for yourself be helpful?
    3217 days ago
    I can see a difference for sure!!!!!!! I know about the self-sabotage, because I did it myself when I got down to 167, and then all the way back to 181!!!! We can do this, don't stop trying!!!!!!:-)
    3217 days ago
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