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Low-Carb and My Scale

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This low carb thing appears to be working. My scale started at 142 on Saturday, today it gave me a nice 135.8. Yes, I am finally below 137! Woohoo. Some of that weight was binge weight but I am so happy to see a number below 137 as that was my lowest weight so far. I'm trying to remember the last time I weighted 135. (Like how I truncate?)
Randy's another story. After his initial loss he's seen the scale creeping back up the last two days. We've been giving him more food than me since he's bigger but that is going to stop. And he's going to start measuring the cream he puts in his coffee. We may need to start tracking his calories but I know I'd be the one to end up doing it so have been resistant to that. We've always gone by what my tracker says "plus some" for him.
I have never eaten so many vegetables in my life! But I am liking it, I do like veggies a lot. We've been struggling to get in 20 Net Carbs, 12-15 of which are supposed to come from veggies. Well, we have to eat only the veggies on the "approved" list and they are pretty low carb so it's a challenge. We are having veggies at every meal, lots of them and still having trouble so I revisited the book last night and reanalyzed the lists (there's one for salad veggies that are uncooked and another list for cooked veggies) and realized that the cooked veggies pack more carbs. To the stove we go! I am going to shop today for veggies to mix together and roast so we can have some in the fridge at all times.
Our favorite snack is a slice of ham with about half a tablespoon of cream cheese and one scallion rolled up. Yummy!
Yesterday we ate-
B- eggs over easy, 4 slices bacon, 1/2 cup cooked spinach
L- Tarragon Chicken Salad (an Ultrametabolism recipe minus the pear and pinenuts), and 1/2 an avocado each
D- Hamburger patty with 1/4 oz blue cheese, sauteed broccoli and zuchinni with a little grated parmesan
Snacks- String cheese, celery with almond butter (yum!), and Russel Stover sugar free candy in the evening (I really enjoy having a little sweet treat when relaxing at the end of the day)

I miss: bananas, blueberries, raspberries, wine, dark chocolate

I've been exercising ever day, burning between 500 and 600 calories a session plus doing ST M, W and will also do that Friday. Randy doesn't work out as much. He does a spinning class at the gym M,W,F and then whatever hikes or walks we do together. Sometimes he stays after his class and does some ST but not regularly. We need to change that! ;-)

This is just the first phase of the Atkins plan, "Induction" and there are more phases to come where we do get to reintroduce some more carbs. The idea is to find your personal carb level, what your body can tolerate and still maintain your desired weight. Makes sense. Induction can last anywhere from two weeks to six months. It depends on how much fat you want to lose. I think we'll stick to this phase until the end of November or maybe mid November depending on where we are with our scales. Then we get to add a bit of berries and some nuts, woohoo!! So much to look forward to, right? LOL
So far we are both happy that we are doing this. It's brought us closer together, I'm back in the kitchen more, I feel more in control and on top of what we'll eat and we both feel great. We are both having some sleeping issues but that started before we started low-carb and we've come to the conclusion, after putting up black out screens on the windows, that it has to do mostly with the fact that we need to buy a new mattress.
We have one planned "cheat" meal next Wednesday as that is my birthday and we will be in Disneyland. We are going to have a nice dinner and not worry about carbs for that meal. We are even going to enjoy a nice bottle of wine. Eating low carb in Disney is going to be challenging but I've done some research and think we can do alright. Another challenge!

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